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Quick and easy homemade chicken curry recipe

Homemade chicken curry recipe - Pikalily Food Blog

We’ve been pretty quiet on the blog over the past few weeks but we are looking forward to sharing some tasty recipes with you over the next few months now that spring has sprung.  Curry is one of our (well Nial’s) favourite dishes, so we thought we’d make a quick and handy chicken curry recipe to enjoy this weekend.  Using peppers, onions and tomatoes for the sauce, this sweet curry recipe is a sure fire winner for all the family.

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St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes Recipe

St Patricks Day Cupcakes - Pikalily Food Blog

These cupcakes are really fun to make with the whole family to help you celebrate one of the biggest days in the Irish calendar. They also taste great too and are very easy to make. These are regulars in our kitchen on St Patrick’s Day, and we’ve been busy this morning whipping up a batch for the family to enjoy today as part of the “Paddy’s Day” celebrations!

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Orange and dark chocolate mousse with orange infused shortbread

Chocolate orange mousse and shortbread - Pikalily food blog

Some flavours marry together so wonderfully, and two of these flavours are dark chocolate and orange.  We are both fans of a sweet treat and would certainly claim to both be owners of a sweet tooth and regularly enjoy making desserts to enjoy at the end of meal.  In this latest recipe we create a deliciously smooth chocolate mousse with orange undertones to really enhance the taste.  We decided to bake some homemade orange infused shortbread to accompany the chocolate mousse, providing the perfect textural addition to the dessert.

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Homemade pancakes to enjoy on pancake day

Pancake recipe and maple syrup - Pikalily food blog

It’s the one day in the year when we all embrace the wonderful pancake and look forward to enjoying it as a sweet or savoury treat.  As most people enjoy taking a stab at making some pancakes in their owns homes on Pancake Tuesday (or Shrove Tuesday as it is also known), we thought we’d share our very own pancake recipe with you today.  This recipe has a Canadian twist to follow on from our previous crepe suzette with an Irish twist recipe.

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Champagne jelly with strawberries

Strawberry Champagne Jelly - Pikalily Food Blog

We recently had some friends around for a few drinks so we thought we would try to make a cocktail with a difference; something playful like, that everyone could enjoy.  Jelly vodkas and other jelly spirits are an often popular alcoholic beverage for parties and occasions when friends or family call round.  With some bottles of champagne still in our wine rack from our engagement, we decided to finally put one bottle to good use and make our own champagne jelly to treat our guests.  Our choice of fruit to accompany this; well there could only be one piece of fruit to put with champagne – strawberries.  So let’s get started and make a tasty cocktail you’ll enjoy serving up for guests.  This recipe also sets much quicker than other champagne jelly recipes you may have tried out before.

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