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Parma ham and pesto puff pastry tartlet recipe

Parma ham and pesto tartlet - Pikalily Food Blog

This tartlet is a really fresh and flavoursome dish that is perfect for a light lunchtime snack, or can be a great dinner when accompanied with a healthy side salad, and seasoned potato wedges.  Unlike our previous sweet blueberry and lemon mascarpone tart, this is a savoury dish, so you can always experiment with your flavours.  The pastry we used for this was Jus-Rol ready rolled puff pastry.  Follow our steps below to make your own tasty savoury tart.

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Homemade banana bread recipe with flaxseed

Banana bread recipe with flaxseed - Pikalily Food Blog

We enjoy baking here at Pikalily and so long as you have a few eggs and some butter, sugar and flour, you can pretty much bake anything.  Last week we had a few ripe bananas, which in many homes tend to find their way into the bin.  We try to use rather than waste, so we decided to take these bananas and make a simple yet tasty banana bread.  Banana lovers out there, this is one recipe you need to be sure to bookmark.  Another ingredient we used in this bread was Linwoods flaxseed, cocoa and berries mix, something we regularly use when baking in the kitchen.

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Blueberry and lemon mascarpone tart

Blueberry lemon mascarpone puff pastry tart - Pikalily Food Blog

This is a delicious, zesty spring / summer tart that would make a great dessert or sweet treat for all the family.  Fresh blueberries work really well in this recipe and go perfectly with the lemon mascarpone mix, but you could easily replace the blueberries with any fruit of your choice.  The pastry we used for this was Jus-Rol who have some great pastry recipes to try out on their site.  Check them out here.

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Chorizo, pepper and potato Spanish omelette

Chorizo Spanish Omelette - Pikalily Food Blog

We’re both big fans of Spanish cuisine and have enjoyed visits to some of Spain’s culinary hotspots, including the home of tapas, Barcelona, and the home of paella, Valencia.  We often take inspiration from our travels when it comes to making dishes in the house, and with potatoes, eggs, peppers and chorizo sitting in our fridge and cupboard, our minds went back to a Spanish omelette we enjoyed in Valencia, so we have decided to recreate this dish.  Obviously you can use different ingredients to make your very own Spanish omelette, but we both enjoy the flavour of chorizo and would strongly recommend trying it out.

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Easy to make yeast free pizza recipe

Yeast free pizza dough - Pikalily Food Blog

Takeaway pizza is a popular weekend treat for many of us, and sometimes there’s nothing quite like ordering a large meat feast and enjoying the slices with friends and family.  It can also often be too easy to reach for the phone to order a pizza or go to the freezer and grab one from the top shelf, but trying to make your own home made pizza can be an extremely rewarding kitchen experience, and not as labour intensive as you may think.

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Carrot cake pops recipe

Carrot cake flavour cake pops - Pikalily Food Blog

These cake pops were inspired by a recipe we came across by Delia Smith for her ultimate carrot cake.  Delia’s carrot cake recipe used coconut, and this was the first time we had ever seen coconut used in a carrot cake so it got us intrigued!  The original recipe however, uses sultanas and toasted pecan nuts, but, as we were making these for a family party, we decided that it would be best to leave nuts out of them.  Plus, Nial isn’t a huge fan of nuts so I guess it was partly for him also 🙂

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