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Blueberry delight with Genesis Crafty pancakes

Genesis Crafty Blueberry Pancakes - Pikalily Food Blog

One of our favourite weekend breakfasts is to enjoy some homemade crepes or pancakes.  Sweet or savoury, they are always a popular choice in our house and rarely will there be any left at the table after we have dished up a serving of crepes / pancakes.  Perhaps our favourite way of enjoying pancakes is to serve them with a helping of summer berries and some fresh cream.  Strawberries, blackberries and blackcurrants are all perfect accompaniments for pancakes throughout the year, but especially during the summer months when they are at their freshest.  This weekend we had a bit of a lazy one and opted for some ready made pancakes from a local supplier Genesis Crafty, and it’s fair to say they were a bit of a treat.

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A Foodie Surprise in Gorilla Manchester

Review of Gorilla Bar Manchester - Pikalily Food Blog

Back in June we went to Manchester for a few days and this involved a mixture of work and seeing friends and family.  A bit like our recent trip to Brighton we tried to get out and experience Manchester in between my conference.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to see as much of Brighton as we would have liked, but we did get to experience two great eating establishments.  Manchester may be full of many fine dining restaurants but it was two of the cities lesser known restaurants that we visited during our trip, and we were more than impressed.  Today we are going to look at the first of these eating establishments, Gorilla Bar in Manchester City Centre.

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Newcastle Festival of Flight Proves Roaring Success

Festival of Flight Newcastle - Pikalily Food Travel Blog

In what has become a bit of a summer tradition for us, we took the very short trip to the Harbour House Inn in Newcastle to enjoy the BA Aerospace Festival of Flight.  We always like to get down to the Harbour Inn early to ensure we get the very best seats in the beer garden to enjoy the best views of the air display overhead.  As we live just a few minutes up the road from the harbour, we have been lucky in recent years to always get a good seat, and this year was no different.  With the air show kicking off at 2pm and the highlight of the day being the display from the Red Arrows, here’s a few snaps of what turned out to be a great day.

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Cheats Salted Caramel Ice-Cream Recipe

Homemade Salted Caramel Ice Cream - Pikalily Food Blog

Ok, so we haven’t technically made this ice-cream from scratch, but who cares when it tastes this good!! This recipe uses a salted caramel sauce, and we have to warn you, it’s very addictive.  The inspiration for making this salted caramel ice cream came as a result of a dessert we enjoyed during our recent visit to the Mourne Seafood Bar.

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Fruit soufflé recipe

Fruit Soufflé Recipe - Pikalily Food Blog

If you’re a regular visitor to our site and like to browse through our recipes you’ll know that we are fans of not letting food go to waste.  Food like bread, milk and fruit, can very easily go past it’s best before date without even knowing and for many people this means only one thing – straight to the bin.  With some nectarines and peaches lying in our fridge for a few days, the time had come to actually find a use for them or throw them out.  We would never want to throw out such great produce, so we decided to make a summer fruit dessert. Having looked through our recipe books for a few ideas, we decided to take a big risk and make our first ever soufflé.  Here’s what we did.

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Homemade curry egg fried rice with chicken

Chicken Curry Fried Rice Recipe - Pikalily Food Blog

Chinese takeaways can be found in most towns in Northern Ireland, and it’s easy to see why.  There’s just something special about Asian cuisine, and when it comes to Asian food in Northern Ireland, it’s Chinese influenced dishes, restaurants and takeaways that lead the way.  We enjoy the odd Chinese takeaway ourselves, but recently we’ve been trying to be good and cut down on eating fast food.  Just because we have stopped going to the takeaway shops, doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy our favourite dishes.  The solution is simple – make them ourselves!

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Our weekend break to Brighton

Brighton Pier - Pikalily Food Travel Blog

You may have read about our recent visit to Choccywoccydoodah and Côte Restaurant in Brighton (if you haven’t, you better 😉 ), but it wasn’t just great food that Brighton had to offer us; the seaside town has so much more.  We spent a few days in Brighton back in May for a work conference, and it was a first for both of us.  While we may not have got the weather we were hoping for, there was certainly enough to do in Brighton to keep us occupied.

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