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Syrupy lemon drizzle cake

Lemon drizzle cake - Pikalily food blog

This cake is perfect for those of you who are just getting into baking.  It is an all in one batter that you simply bake, drizzle and enjoy.  It’s also a perfect way to introduce your kids to baking, something we would certainly encourage of any parent.  We used lemon for our cake as it provides a zingy spring like flavour, but you could get away with using other citrus fruits like orange or lime.  This fluffy textured cake is perfect served warm or cold and is extremely hard to resist!

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Duck a l’orange with honey glazed chips

Duck a lorange with honey glaze chips - Pikalily food blog

Duck really is one of our favourites and it’s important to ensure you get a real quality piece of duck when cooking this particular type of poultry.  When it comes to finding quality duck in a supermarket, it’s hard to look past Gressingham duck.  Gressingham have a great variety of duck recipes as well as recipes for other poultry including turkey and goose.  Regulars to the blog will know that we enjoy duck, especially when we dine.  Duck a l’orange is a classic dish and taking inspiration from one of Glessingham’s own recipes we put a bit of a twist on this classic dish.  Here is our duck a l’orange with honey and thyme glazed chips.

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Delicious Bistro evening at Olive Bizarre, Newcastle

Olive Bizarre bistro evening - beef main - Pikalily food blog

As you know, we love eating out and sampling the delights that Northern Ireland has to offer. We are extremely lucky to live only a few minutes away from a husband-and-wife run deli called Olive Bizarre which always serves up scrumptious food. John is in charge of the front of house and Ciara is responsible for cooking up the yummies. The deli is beautifully retro and looks out over the very picturesque Newcastle-Killough coastline.

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Mother’s Day Family Roast with M&S

M&S Mothers Day Lam Dinner - Pikalily Food Blog

One of the great things about running a food blog is that you get to work with great brands from time to time and that was the case this week when we were asked to sample the Marks and Spencer Mother’s Day family dinner.  Much like the meal deals you’ll see in most supermarkets each week, this Mother’s Day meal deal provides you with a main course, dessert and some sides.  There isn’t a starter but you do get a bottle of wine or soft drink to help make the occasion a real celebration.

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