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Helen’s Eton Mess

Eton Mess Recipe - Pikalily Food Blog

Eton Mess is a delicious summer dessert and a great way to finish off a meal as it is light yet very moreish. Our recipe uses double cream, condensed milk and natural Greek yoghurt so it feels very silky and has a perfect level of sweetness. We made our own meringue but you could easily use shop bought meringues for convenience.  Berries are a popular fruit with an Eton Mess but you could easily try it out with other fruits for something a little different.  Check out our recipe below and try it out yourself – it’s easy to make and won’t take too long.

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Tasty homemade lasagne recipe

Easy make lasagne recipe - Pikalily food blog

Lasagne is a favourite dish in our house as it’s full of flavour and a meal in itself. We like to make extra lasagne for enjoying the next day or putting in the freezer for a later date. Although this recipe makes a large lasagne suitable for 6 servings, you could make little individual lasagnes too by altering the ingredient measurements. While many people rush out to the shops to buy ready made tomato sauce and béchamel sauce for their lasagne, our recipe uses fresh ingredients to make these sauces. Read and enjoy.

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Warm Potato, Pancetta and Spinach Salad

Warm potato and bacon salad - Pikalily Food Blog

This recipe came about due to some left over boiled potatoes and a bag of spinach in fridge. Teaming the spinach and potatoes with crispy pancetta, crunchy black pepper croutons and a balsamic mustard dressing is a winning combo!  Try it out and comment below to let us know what you think.

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