Easy Follow Salted Caramel Squares Recipe

Salted Caramel Square Recipe - Pikalily Food Blog

We’ve been busy in the kitchen this week creating a number of treats for Nial’s birthday including our popular chocolate brownies, German biscuits, and a new recipe, salted caramel squares.  Nial took the collection of goodies into his work and shared with the guys at The Tomorrow Lab who seemed to more than enjoy them (if the empty boxes that returned home are anything to go by 🙂 ).

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Orange and dark chocolate mousse with orange infused shortbread

Chocolate orange mousse and shortbread - Pikalily food blog

Some flavours marry together so wonderfully, and two of these flavours are dark chocolate and orange.  We are both fans of a sweet treat and would certainly claim to both be owners of a sweet tooth and regularly enjoy making desserts to enjoy at the end of meal.  In this latest recipe we create a deliciously smooth chocolate mousse with orange undertones to really enhance the taste.  We decided to bake some homemade orange infused shortbread to accompany the chocolate mousse, providing the perfect textural addition to the dessert.

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Yummy German Biscuit Recipe

Homemade German biscuit recipe - Pikalily food blog

We’ve both got a bit of a sweet tooth and these German biscuits are certainly high on our list of sweet treats that we love to bake over and over again.  An easy to follow recipe, these German biscuits will make a great treat for you to enjoy with your daily cuppa, or the perfect biscuit to take out when friends or family call round.  It’s also a great recipe to try and cook with the kids.  Although they are traditionally round, at Christmas, Easter and Valentines, we like to use different shaped cookie cutters to fit the time of year.  We hope you enjoy making these and can guarantee you, you won’t be disappointed with the taste!!

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Oat and chocolate chip cookies recipe

Oat Choc Chip Cookies - Pikalily Food Blog

These cookies are delicious and very easy to make.  They are relatively inexpensive too and are a great recipe to make with kids.  These cookies are made with porridge oats so are a great snack that can kill your hunger and make a great and tasty breakfast on the go.  As a healthier alternative, they can be made with dried fruit and nuts instead of the chocolate drops.  You could even try making heart shaped cookies for Valentine’s Day! They’re perfect for freezing so you can make them in a large batch to reuse again.

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