Homemade blueberry and white chocolate muffins

blueberry white chocolate muffin recipe - Pikalily food blog

After recently perusing through our culinary library, we decided to pull out an old faithful – Delia’s Cakes.  When it comes to baking, it’s hard to look past Delia and she has been a cooking inspiration to Helen for years.  We recently visited Belfast’s St George’s Market (review to follow) and we picked up some amazing fresh fruit, including a punnet of blueberries.  We decided to put these blueberries to immediate use by replicating Delia’s blueberry and pecan muffin cake although we did make some slight changes to the recipe and decided to go with white chocolate instead of pecans.  Delia’s recipe makes a cake, while we decided to make a scrumptious batch of muffins.  We also drizzled our muffins with some local honey before baking them.  Muffins are a sure fire winner in our house and no doubt a popular choice in homes throughout Britain and Ireland, so let’s take a look at how to make them.

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