Sticky beer glazed fried chicken thighs

Sticky beer glazed chicken thighs - Pikalily food blog

We were recently chatting with the guys at Phipps PR about the versatility of using beer in home-cooking, something we’ve used on many occasions.  We’re really enjoying cooking with chicken thighs at the minute as they flavoursome and moist and lend themselves perfectly to so many dishes.  We recently cooked some BBQ glazed chicken thighs which involved us cooking the chicken in the actual glaze.

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Barbecue Glazed Sticky Chicken Thighs

BBQ glaze chicken thighs - Pikalily food vblog

We recently came across this recipe online at M&S and tried it out at the weekend, one word; delicious!! It’s really easy to make and can be made in around 40 minutes. The glaze creates a lovely sticky coating for the chicken and although the recipe uses chicken thighs, it would work equally well with breasts, wings or drumsticks. You may wish to experiment with other meats as well. The thighs we used were from M&S and were boneless and skinless, making them hassle free.

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Homemade curry egg fried rice with chicken

Chicken Curry Fried Rice Recipe - Pikalily Food Blog

Chinese takeaways can be found in most towns in Northern Ireland, and it’s easy to see why.  There’s just something special about Asian cuisine, and when it comes to Asian food in Northern Ireland, it’s Chinese influenced dishes, restaurants and takeaways that lead the way.  We enjoy the odd Chinese takeaway ourselves, but recently we’ve been trying to be good and cut down on eating fast food.  Just because we have stopped going to the takeaway shops, doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy our favourite dishes.  The solution is simple – make them ourselves!

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Quick and easy homemade chicken curry recipe

Homemade chicken curry recipe - Pikalily Food Blog

We’ve been pretty quiet on the blog over the past few weeks but we are looking forward to sharing some tasty recipes with you over the next few months now that spring has sprung.  Curry is one of our (well Nial’s) favourite dishes, so we thought we’d make a quick and handy chicken curry recipe to enjoy this weekend.  Using peppers, onions and tomatoes for the sauce, this sweet curry recipe is a sure fire winner for all the family.

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Lemon and parsley butter roast chicken with savoury potatoes

Lemon butter roast chicken

Sometimes there is nothing nicer than the classic roast chicken.  A popular choice for the Sunday dinner table across the country, the combination of the nation’s favourite meat, with a crispy skin is something for all the family to look forward to.  Fresh from our visit to Belfast’s St Georges Market, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice Sunday roast, using a whole chicken picked up on the day.  We married our chicken with a lemon and parsley infused butter, to achieve the perfect crisp skin, and a tender moist chicken.  To accompany this chicken we served up a helping of cubed rooster potatoes marinated in lemon, garlic and sage.  Here’s how we did it.

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Asian style chicken broth

Asian style chicken and vegetable broth - Pikalily food blog

As its the new year, most of you out there, like ourselves, will be trying to eat healthily.  This soup is ultra healthy as it is not cooked with any fat but this doesn’t mean it lacks in flavour; quite the opposite, it has a real punch. It’s a very colourful dish so it’s perfect to brighten up those dark evenings.  It’s relatively cheap to make and there’s nothing complicated in this recipe so follow our steps below and give it a go!
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