Champagne jelly with strawberries

Strawberry Champagne Jelly - Pikalily Food Blog

We recently had some friends around for a few drinks so we thought we would try to make a cocktail with a difference; something playful like, that everyone could enjoy.  Jelly vodkas and other jelly spirits are an often popular alcoholic beverage for parties and occasions when friends or family call round.  With some bottles of champagne still in our wine rack from our engagement, we decided to finally put one bottle to good use and make our own champagne jelly to treat our guests.  Our choice of fruit to accompany this; well there could only be one piece of fruit to put with champagne – strawberries.  So let’s get started and make a tasty cocktail you’ll enjoy serving up for guests.  This recipe also sets much quicker than other champagne jelly recipes you may have tried out before.

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