Homemade curry egg fried rice with chicken

Chicken Curry Fried Rice Recipe - Pikalily Food Blog

Chinese takeaways can be found in most towns in Northern Ireland, and it’s easy to see why.  There’s just something special about Asian cuisine, and when it comes to Asian food in Northern Ireland, it’s Chinese influenced dishes, restaurants and takeaways that lead the way.  We enjoy the odd Chinese takeaway ourselves, but recently we’ve been trying to be good and cut down on eating fast food.  Just because we have stopped going to the takeaway shops, doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy our favourite dishes.  The solution is simple – make them ourselves!

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Quick and easy homemade chicken curry recipe

Homemade chicken curry recipe - Pikalily Food Blog

We’ve been pretty quiet on the blog over the past few weeks but we are looking forward to sharing some tasty recipes with you over the next few months now that spring has sprung.  Curry is one of our (well Nial’s) favourite dishes, so we thought we’d make a quick and handy chicken curry recipe to enjoy this weekend.  Using peppers, onions and tomatoes for the sauce, this sweet curry recipe is a sure fire winner for all the family.

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Chorizo scotch egg and curry risotto recipe

Chorizo scotch egg recipe - Pikalily food blog

After a recent visit to Vanilla Restaurant in Newcastle (review to follow), we thought we would try to recreate one of the dishes we had on our visit.  Vanilla offer a great range of dishes but it was their duck and chorizo scotch egg with curry risotto that got our mouth watering.  The dish was amazing; so impressed were we that we thought we’d try to make our own version of the dish.  This dish can be the perfect starter to a 3 course meal for the family or a filling lunch or dinner for you to enjoy any day of the week.  The pressure points in this dish are getting your egg boiled and deep fried perfectly and also ensuring that your risotto has the right texture.  Let’s begin.

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