Quick and Easy Winter Irish Lamb Stew

Winter Irish Lamb Stew - Pikalily Food Blog

It may still be November but there’s a real chill in the air, and there’s no doubt that winter is coming!  In Northern Ireland this means one thing – it’s stew season.  Whether your choice of meat is beef or lamb, there’s no doubting the joys of seeing a pot on the hob with a hearty stew slowly cooking away.  We’ve been getting a lot of our meat in LIDL of late as we’ve been really impressed with the quality of meat on offer, so we grabbed a pound of lamb pieces and set to work on a lamb stew.  The ingredients, and recipe steps are below if you want to try out this tasty stew for yourself.

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Slow Cooker Honey & Beer Pulled Pork

Slow Cooker Honey Beer Pulled Pork - Pikalily Food Blog

Yesterday we brought you a pressure cooker BBQ pulled pork recipe, and we’ve been busy in the kitchen again, this time with the slow cooker.  This time we’ve slow cooked some pork butt (which we picked up from Lynas Food Outlet in Belfast) in a honey and beer sauce for your enjoyment.  Check out the steps below for creating this dish, and you can even watch our step by step video to creating the dish at the bottom of the page.  Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.

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Pressure Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders

Pressure Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe - Pikalily Food Blog

We’ve been getting our meat on of late, and after we recently created a tasty slow cooked beer beef brisket dish for Easter, we’ve been busy in the kitchen again creating a pulled pork recipe with a wonderful cut of pork butt from the Lynas Food Outlet in Belfast.  Rather than slow cooking the pork (as is often the norm with BBQ pulled pork), we got our pressure cooker out and cooked this pulled pork dish in less than an hour – that’s right, less than an hour!  If you don’t have a pressure cooker you could slow cook the pork for 4 – 6 hours.

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Slow Cooker Beer Beef Brisket Recipe

Slow Cooker Beer Beef Brisket Recipe - Pikalily Food Blog

Last week we got a wonderful Easter meat pack from the great folk at Lynas Foodservice.  It was our first trip down to their Beflast food outlet store and we were left more than impressed by the great selection of food on offer, particularly the meat section.  We left with a frozen leg of lamb, pork butt and beef brisket, along some packets of vegetables, ready to make a number of Easter feasts.

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Spicy Spanish Potato and Sausage Bombs

Spicy Spanish Potato Sausage Bomb - Pikalily Food Blog

We were recently asked by luxury travel site Destinology for a recipe that takes inspiration from our travels.  Having honeymooned in Barcelona and Madrid, and also spent time recently in Valencia, for us, it had to be a Spanish inspired recipe.  We did a lot of foodie things on these trips, from food tours in Madrid and Valencia, to wine and tapas in Barcelona, so it’s fair to say we had plenty to choose from.

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Vietnamese Inspired Turkey Salad

Vietnamese Turkey Salad - Pikalily Food Blog

We all end up with leftover turkey at Christmas in which its fate is usually a Boxing Day curry. But after eating so much rich food during the Christmas period it’s nice to enjoy something lighter. This salad takes inspiration from a Rick Stein recipe in which he uses Chinese cabbage and Vietnamese mint leaves. This is a really fragrant and refreshing salad, and it is perfect teamed with the crispy, salty pancetta pieces. To add more crunch you could add some chopped peanuts.

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Tasty Turkey and Chorizo Burgers

Turkey Chorizo Burger - Pikalily Food Blog

Feeling festive, we decided to have some turkey for dinner this week, but with a twist.  We had made these burgers before and they were very tasty and juicy, so we knew they would hit the spot.  They are easy to make, packed with flavour and perfect with sweet potato fries. A great way to use up any uncooked turkey you might have over the Christmas period. All you have to do is mince the turkey and get down to business.

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Spiced pumpkin and coconut soup

Spiced pumpkin and coconut soup - Pikalily food blog

Continuing with our recent theme of Halloween time recipes, we’ve found another way to use your leftover pumpkins over the coming weeks with this pumpkin soup recipe.  Pumpkin soup is a popular flavour served in many eateries throughout the year but we’ve decided to add a little bit of spice to ours with the addition of ginger and Thai red curry paste.  This soup only takes around 1 hour to prepare and cook, and like all soups is something you can enjoy for a few days whether it is for lunch, dinner or a healthy snack.  Follow our steps below to make it yourself.

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Sausage, apple and onion lattice pie

Sausage apple onion lattice pie recipe - Pikalily food blog

This is a really flavoursome pie that we created with some left over sausages and a few apples. Perfect as autumn approaches! Helen’s mum supplied some home grown apples but any type of sweet apple that you have in the fruit bowl will work well. Whatever apple you choose, just be aware that certain apples like Royal Gala will break down more than a firmer type such as Pink Lady. You can use plain or flavoured pork sausages, it’s up to you, but we had some tasty, caramelised onion flavoured sausages from the butchers which were delicious! We also used some ready-made pastry for this mid-week pie but if you have the time, feel free to get your bake on and show off your pastry skills!

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Tasty homemade lasagne recipe

Easy make lasagne recipe - Pikalily food blog

Lasagne is a favourite dish in our house as it’s full of flavour and a meal in itself. We like to make extra lasagne for enjoying the next day or putting in the freezer for a later date. Although this recipe makes a large lasagne suitable for 6 servings, you could make little individual lasagnes too by altering the ingredient measurements. While many people rush out to the shops to buy ready made tomato sauce and béchamel sauce for their lasagne, our recipe uses fresh ingredients to make these sauces. Read and enjoy.

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