Quick and Easy Winter Irish Lamb Stew

Winter Irish Lamb Stew - Pikalily Food Blog

It may still be November but there’s a real chill in the air, and there’s no doubt that winter is coming!  In Northern Ireland this means one thing – it’s stew season.  Whether your choice of meat is beef or lamb, there’s no doubting the joys of seeing a pot on the hob with a hearty stew slowly cooking away.  We’ve been getting a lot of our meat in LIDL of late as we’ve been really impressed with the quality of meat on offer, so we grabbed a pound of lamb pieces and set to work on a lamb stew.  The ingredients, and recipe steps are below if you want to try out this tasty stew for yourself.

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One-pot sausage and bean casserole

Sausage Bean Casserole Dish - Pikalily Food Blog

This is a very hearty and warming casserole, and it is super easy to make.  We have used three types of beans, but you can use any beans of your choice. It’s the perfect store-cupboard dinner, packed with nutritional goodness, full of flavour and quick to make as a meal for the family any day of the week.  So let’s get started.

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