Sticky beer glazed fried chicken thighs

Sticky beer glazed chicken thighs - Pikalily food blog

We were recently chatting with the guys at Phipps PR about the versatility of using beer in home-cooking, something we’ve used on many occasions.  We’re really enjoying cooking with chicken thighs at the minute as they flavoursome and moist and lend themselves perfectly to so many dishes.  We recently cooked some BBQ glazed chicken thighs which involved us cooking the chicken in the actual glaze.

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Homemade pancakes to enjoy on pancake day

Pancake recipe and maple syrup - Pikalily food blog

It’s the one day in the year when we all embrace the wonderful pancake and look forward to enjoying it as a sweet or savoury treat.  As most people enjoy taking a stab at making some pancakes in their owns homes on Pancake Tuesday (or Shrove Tuesday as it is also known), we thought we’d share our very own pancake recipe with you today.  This recipe has a Canadian twist to follow on from our previous crepe suzette with an Irish twist recipe.

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