Parma ham and pesto puff pastry tartlet recipe

Parma ham and pesto tartlet - Pikalily Food Blog

This tartlet is a really fresh and flavoursome dish that is perfect for a light lunchtime snack, or can be a great dinner when accompanied with a healthy side salad, and seasoned potato wedges.  Unlike our previous sweet blueberry and lemon mascarpone tart, this is a savoury dish, so you can always experiment with your flavours.  The pastry we used for this was Jus-Rol ready rolled puff pastry.  Follow our steps below to make your own tasty savoury tart.

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Blueberry and lemon mascarpone tart

Blueberry lemon mascarpone puff pastry tart - Pikalily Food Blog

This is a delicious, zesty spring / summer tart that would make a great dessert or sweet treat for all the family.  Fresh blueberries work really well in this recipe and go perfectly with the lemon mascarpone mix, but you could easily replace the blueberries with any fruit of your choice.  The pastry we used for this was Jus-Rol who have some great pastry recipes to try out on their site.  Check them out here.

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