Decadent chocolate and berry towers

Chocolate Raspberry Tower - Pikalily Food Blog

This recipe has been passed on to Helen by her mum Retta who has been making it for years and is a dab hand in the kitchen when it comes to baking.  Although the dessert contains dark chocolate and crème de cassis, it is very light and refreshing due to the raspberry mousse and fresh berries.

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Easy Follow Salted Caramel Squares Recipe

Salted Caramel Square Recipe - Pikalily Food Blog

We’ve been busy in the kitchen this week creating a number of treats for Nial’s birthday including our popular chocolate brownies, German biscuits, and a new recipe, salted caramel squares.  Nial took the collection of goodies into his work and shared with the guys at The Tomorrow Lab who seemed to more than enjoy them (if the empty boxes that returned home are anything to go by 🙂 ).

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Easter Sunday DIY Chocolate Decorating Fun

Easter Chocolate Fun - Pikalily Food Blog

As we’ve grown older, the excitement of Easter has gone from counting eggs to counting days off work.  With many houses around the country coming down with chocolate and Easter eggs over the next few days, why not get a little bit creative in the kitchen and make your own Easter chocolate creation.  Like most Easter’s, we welcome family to our home in Newcastle, and this year is no exception.  With young kids running about the place, still high from the sugar rush of their Easter chocolate hunt, finding activities to do on Easter Sunday can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.  This year, we’ve got just the solution for you.

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Helen’s chocolate chilli bonfire cake

Chocolate chilli caramel cake - Pikalily Food Blog

I have wanted to play with chocolate and chilli for a while and I thought that there would be no better time than Halloween – bonfire season.  The nights are drawing in and it’s getting cold, so why not divulge in some chocolate with a little heat!  To give the cake that added bit of visual drama and theatre, I made some shards of caramel with fine strands of red chilli and dried chilli flakes in it.  Adding a mixture of dark and light brown sugars brings a balance of richness and lightness to the cake.

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Orange and dark chocolate mousse with orange infused shortbread

Chocolate orange mousse and shortbread - Pikalily food blog

Some flavours marry together so wonderfully, and two of these flavours are dark chocolate and orange.  We are both fans of a sweet treat and would certainly claim to both be owners of a sweet tooth and regularly enjoy making desserts to enjoy at the end of meal.  In this latest recipe we create a deliciously smooth chocolate mousse with orange undertones to really enhance the taste.  We decided to bake some homemade orange infused shortbread to accompany the chocolate mousse, providing the perfect textural addition to the dessert.

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