Temple Bar Dublin Cover - Pikalily Food Travel Blog

Exploring the true beauty of Dublin

We’ve been fortunate to be travelling around Ireland a lot of late and one city that we just love going back to again and again is Dublin.  The capital city of Ireland has become a real cosmopolitan city in recent years and offers so much variety for locals and tourists.  It’s always an extremely friendly… 

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M&S Christmas Food - Pikalily Food Blog

Party season has begun at M&S

There’s just something so inviting about the food court at M&S and on a recent trip to their Sprucefield store we couldn’t resist from helping ourselves to lots of goodies.  As our wedding draws ever closer we decided to stock up on some party food so that we can feed any guests who decide to… 

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Belfast Food Guide - Pikalily Food Blog

A food lover’s guide to Belfast

When you think of some of the gourmet capitals of the world, you might think of, perhaps, Paris, Barcelona, London or New York but Belfast?  Yes, the capital city of Northern Ireland is starting to make inroads in the culinary scene and we’ve been fortunate enough to visit many of the city’s popular eateries.  We’ve… 

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Genesis Crafty Buns - Pikalily Food Blog

More sweet treats from the Genesis Crafty guys

A while back we told you all about the new range of tasty pancakes and scones from the team of baking brothers at Genesis Crafty and it appears those guys have been up to their old tricks again this time with some tasty buns and biscuit like treats.  We decided to try out some of… 

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