5 Fashion Tips to Make You Look Taller

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Want to create the illusion of looking taller? There are many fashion tricks that you can try out to add a sense of height. Below are 5 tips for dressing taller.

Wear heels

This is an obvious way to make you look taller. Shoes with raised heels will physically add inches to your height. There are many different styles of womens heels to choose from stilettos to wedge heels. This includes boots, sandals and even slippers with heels.

Men’s shoes with raised heels also exist for men that want to increase their height. You can find many different styles online. Just bear in mind that wearing heels all the time is not likely to be good for your joints in the long run (which is why it’s worth also trying some of these other tricks).

Consider your shoe colour

If you’re wearing trousers or a long dress, wearing shoes that are the same colour as your trousers/dress can create the illusion that your legs are longer. Black is the most effective and easiest colour for creating this illusion – try pairing some long black trousers with black shoes to see what impact it has.

You can even create a column of the same colour leading all the way up to your shoulders by wearing a black top to match. Try out other colours for a more daring look.

Go long or go short

When it comes to making your legs longer, there are two tricks you can use. One option is to opt for a long maxi dress that exceeds your ankles (or long bell bottom trousers) – these will give your legs a greater sense of length.

Another option is to opt for a mini skirt or short shorts – these will increase the amount of bare leg visible and also make your legs appear longer. Avoid skirts and shorts that stop at the knees as these may only serve to emphasise how short your legs are.

Increase your waist height

Another common trick is to opt for high waisted trousers, shorts or a skirt. These can also make your legs appear bigger and therefore create the illusion that you are taller. Wearing a high belt on a dress or a jumpsuit can also have this effect. On top of helping you to look taller, a high waist can also help flatten your belly and create an hourglass figure.

Low belts and low waisted jeans may have the opposite effect and could be worth avoiding if you are trying to look taller (or slimmer). Baggy t-shirts and jumpers may also make you look shorter by making your legs appear smaller and torso appear bigger.

Wear a jumpsuit/dungarees

Jumpsuits and dungarees stretch the whole length of the body and have elongating effects because of this. As already mentioned, high waisted options will usually add the most height. Jumpsuits with flared bottoms may make the legs look even longer.

However ¾ length trouser legs can also have an elongating effect when paired with shoes of the same colour. As with a high waist, jumpsuits and dungarees can also have slimming properties.

Got something to add?

Share your tips and advice in the comments below.

Until next time, thanks for reading.



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