7 Bedroom Tricks To Improve Your Sleep

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Want to get a better night’s sleep? Making a few changes to the layout of your bedroom could help to make it a cosier and calmer environment. Here are just several décor tricks that could help improve your room and your sleep!

1. Upgrade your bed

A comfortable bed is essential. You should start by considering the type of bed frame. If you want sturdiness and spaciousness, it could be worth investing in a super king metal bed. You can buy wooden frames that are as sturdy as metal frames, but you’ll often pay more for them. If you don’t have enough room for a king-size and you’re tall, you may want to consider a double without a foot board so that your feet aren’t constricted.

On top of the bed itself, it’s important to have a comfortable mattress and bedding. This very much a case of personal taste as everyone has different sleep preferences.

For instance, some people prefer the sponginess of a memory foam mattress, whilst others prefer the firmness of a spring mattress. Some people sweat a lot and need linen that offers ventilation such as bamboo, whilst others get cold easy and need thick bed linen materials such as cotton flannel. Try different styles of bedding to find the right one for you.

2. Buy some blackout curtains

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Most of us sleep easier when it’s dark. Blackout curtains could prevent you getting woken up early by the sun at the weekend or they could help block out street lights. They’re particularly useful if you have an infant in the room – babies are more likely to wake up early at the first glimpse of sunlight.

Blackout blinds are another option that simply roll down. Those that want to splash out can even buy remote-control blackout blinds! Our house has wonderful seaviews but with this comes a lot of light early in the morning. Blackout blinds and curtains have been a godsend to us in trying to keep out the light and help Lewis sleep in the morning.

3. Use cool colours

Our mood is often heavily influenced by colours. Many of us find blues, light greys and greens to be calming. Warm colours like reds and yellows on the other hand are more energetic and better suited to rooms such as kitchens and living rooms. So opt for lighter colours in your room and create surroundings that get you relaxed at the end of the day.

4. Cull the clutter

Decluttering your bedroom could also help improve your sleep quality. Clutter can create a sense of anxiety in many people, which can make it harder to relax. By keeping your bedroom minimal and tidy, you could help to keep a sense of calm.

Common sources of bedroom clutter include piles of clothes, make-up, perfumes and jewellery. Make sure that you store everything away. Having storage containers for make-up and jewellery could be better that having items displayed on your dresser. Check out these 5 bedroom storage hacks for more advice.

5. Introduce sleep inducing scents

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Certain scents can also help us to sleep. These include lavender, chamomile and jasmine. You may be able to introduce these scents by growing houseplants in your room – these plants won’t just provide scents to help you sleep but they could also help to purify the air.

Alternatively, you could try using oil diffusers or scented candles to help release these aromas. We have defusers in our main hallway and en suite to help create some calming scents in the evening.

6. Improve air quality

Taking steps to improve air quality could also help you to sleep. As already mentioned, plants can have an impact on air purification. However, in order to have a real impact, you may prefer to buy an air purifier.

Meanwhile, if your bedroom gets humid and stuffy, a dehumidifier could be worth investing in. Some people find that dehumidifiers also prevent snoring – if you have a partner that snores a lot, this could be a trick worth trying.

Dehumidifiers can also prevent mould growth, which could be leading to coughing in the night. Even opening your bedroom window from time to time can be a big help in improving air quality.

7. Regulate the temperature

Your bedding can have a significant impact on how hot or cold you get at night. However, there could be other ways of regulating temperature.

Ceiling fans are a traditional way of regulating heat. Most people think fans are simply for cooling, but they can also be used to heat rooms in the winter by turning them clockwise – this pushes heat from the ceiling down.

A portable HVAC unit could be another option. These can be a bit more expensive to buy and run, but could give you full control over your bedroom’s temperature.

Got Something to Add?

What do you do to ensure you get a good night sleep? Let us know in the comments section below.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

Helen, Nial and Lewis.


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