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A while back we told you all about the new range of tasty pancakes and scones from the team of baking brothers at Genesis Crafty and it appears those guys have been up to their old tricks again this time with some tasty buns and biscuit like treats.  We decided to try out some of the latest treats from the Genesis Crafty team and thought we’d let you know how they tasted.

Raspberry Macaroons

We’re both big fans of macaroons as we discussed in our weekend in Brighton piece.  These macaroons may not be up there with those from the French run cafés in Brighton but they are certainly tasty and for those of you who enjoy a macaroon or two, they are well worth trying.  They are topped with almonds and have a real chewy, raspberry texture and flavour to them (which I guess you’d expect seeing as how they are raspberry flavoured).

Pineapple Cups

While Helen is allergic to Pineapple and was unable to try these out, it just so happens to be one of my favourite fruits which means anything with Pineapple flavour in it is pretty much good to go for me.  These cups had a biscuit base and a pineapple icing and was very sweet.  If your a fan of pineapple you’ll certainly love these.

Chocolate Orange Bakes

Without a shadow of a doubt my favourite of the batch.  Chocolate and orange is a winning combination and this bun is coated in dark chocolate and filled with an orange jam.  Perfect to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee.

Blackcurrant Sundaes

Cream, blackcurrant and a biscuit case – what’s not to like.  Again, another winner from the brothers.  The only thing that may put some of you of is the addition of small pieces of nuts to these buns but you don’t even notice they are there.

Almond Bakewells

Again, if you aren’t a fan of nuts then you’ll probably not enjoy these but for those of you who enjoy the classic bakewell tart then this is sure to impress you.  There’s a real marzipan kick to these so if you enjoy marzipan you’re sure to enjoy these bakewells.

Jam & Buttercream Sponges

Yet another classic from the boys with their version of the classic Victoria sponge.  These small sponges will be perfect for a tea party with friends or a little treat after your evening meal or a long day at work.  Sponge, cream and jam; always a winning combination.

Have you tried any of these new Genesis Crafty treats?

This was our first time trying these new treats from the Genesis Crafty team and we’ll certainly be filling our cupboards with these over the festive period.  Have you tried any of these new treats from Genesis Crafty?  We’d love to know which one is your favourite.  Let us know your favourite by commenting below or letting us know on Facebook and Twitter.


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