Attending a Winter Wedding – 5 Things to Consider

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There hasn’t been much that the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t impacted, and one area we’ve seen first hand is weddings. We’ve had a few friends had to postpone weddings due to lockdown and restrictions on numbers allowed for private functions. While it’s certainly a strange time to be getting married due to the numbers able to attend, this does provide a change for more intimate sessions with close friends and family.

This December we will be celebrating six years of marriage and ten years together as a couple. We loved our winter wedding, but there’s no doubt planning a wedding in winter 2020 is different to what we had to consider in winter 2014. Despite the changes in place, whether there are 2, 22 or 222 guests in attendance, there are certain things that wedding guests need to consider. Here are five things that spring to mind.

1. Arrive On-Time & Have Plans in Place

One of the most important tips that any wedding guest needs to know is simply to arrive on time, and this means being early! Know the schedule for the day and how you will be getting where you need to go.

The happy couple do not want to spend their day waiting around for guests or arranging a lift for you, so by being prepared you are helping out a huge amount. Having a plan is particularly important today, and if you’re staying over at a hotel venue as a wedding guest, be mindful of both the current Covid restrictions in place in the hotel and the hotel location, along with any possibly cancellation policies in place.

2. Buy a Thoughtful Gift

As the biggest day of their life and the start of a new chapter, it is important that you buy a gift for the happy couple and this should be something thoughtful.

Money is often a go to for many, and while it’s certainly welcome, consider looking for a more personal gift in addition or in place. Money comes and goes but physical gifts and mementos can be in someone’s life forever.

Places like Card Factory carry a wide range of special wedding gift ideas which are sure to be well received by the happy couple.

3. Mingle

Okay, so current Covid restrictions may impact the amount of time you can actually spend with other guests, but when restrictions are lifted, one of the biggest things for wedding guests to do is mingle!

From a social standpoint, one of the best things that you can do is mingle and speak to people that you do not know. Weddings can be awkward when people stick together with who they know, so those that break the ice are always the best guests and can play a big role in making the wedding more relaxed and fun for all.

If you’re at a table with people you don’t know too well this can often be a great way to get to know new people, but consider other things like chatting to people at the bar or finger buffet, or simply throwing shapes with other guests on the dancefloor. And the 2am singalong is sure to help you meet even more people 🙂

4. Don’t Drink Too Much

Following this, it is important that you have fun and socialise with people and for many people having a few drinks is the best way to do this. While there is nothing wrong with this, you want to avoid getting too drunk and drawing attention to yourself for the wrong reasons.

5. Obey the Dress Code

You always need to pay attention to what the dress code says on the invite and dress accordingly as there may be a specific theme. If you are ever unsure, you could ask the couple or simply any other guests that you know.

Not every wedding will have a dress code, so where this isn’t applicable, it’s best to check in with other guests that you know to see what they plan to wear. Consider the time of year and the weather forecast when picking your outfit, and be mindful that there will be people of all ages in attendance so ensure you have something that is tasteful and suitable for such an event and audience.

Got Something to Add?

Most, if not all of us will have experience of being a wedding guest, and some of you will have experience organising your own wedding day – do you have any tips to share? Please let us know in the comments section.

Until next time, stay safe.

Helen, Nial and Lewis.


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