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As parents of a toddler it’s only natural to want to protect them at all times. For us, over the past year this has meant a focus on inside and outside the house. There are many occasions when we feel like we need eyes on the back of our heads, but kids will be kids, and one thing you can guarantee is they will keep you on your toes.

We’ve spent a lot of time this summer in our garden, trying to get it completed following the completion of our self-build project last year. This has led to us really focusing on how we can make it safe for Lewis, and indeed, Bailey the dog.

As we continue to work through our garden, we’ve realised there are some key things that all families should be doing, to make it a child friendly environment.

4 Things To Consider When Making Your Garden Safer

1. Tidy It Often

Debris can and will build up over time. It might be that construction efforts of a neighbor leave dust and other debris hanging around, or perhaps twigs fall from the trees, or perhaps a range of other small elements of debris occur that you cannot possibly predict due to heavy rainfall.

Simply assuming that your green space is okay for children to play on might not be the case. It’s always best to give the garden a quick once over each morning or whenever it is most in use, just to ensure that everything is cared for.

Another thing to be sure you do is regularly tidy away any tools or equipment that is likely to create some curiosity among your little one. If there’s a chance the equipment can cause damage, simply put it away in a shed or garage, or out of reach of your children.

2. Garden Hygiene

Garden hygiene is also very important when considering how safe it is. For example, Pond Pumps can help all kinds of bacterial developments and grown gunk from accumulating. Pond covers can also keep the pond protected during bad weather.

The health of the trees on your property could also have the potential to cause hazards, especially in high winds. If you have old trees or notice them looking rather treacherous when wind picks up, consider getting them cut down or at least trimmed.

Other things to consider are the likes of fallen leaves and other debris which can sometimes present slipping hazards, especially in colder months. When you care for the hygiene of your garden, it becomes a safer place to stay.

3. Fencing

Garden Fence - Pikalily Garden Blog

We are certain your family and pets are wonderful. But if your garden fences cannot stop a rogue or stray dog from running into your garden, your children are at risk.

The same goes for keeping trespassers out, be that through floodlighting, privacy fencing or a locked gate. It’s very much worth investing in these elements for those reasons exactly. A fence will also ensure your kids and pets can’t just run out of your garden as it provides a barrier to keep them locked in.

4. Regular Updates

We’ve all seen gardens with old sheds, old trampolines or old swing sets in them. If you have equipment that you no longer use and it’s falling apart, there are two things to do – remove it or replace it. Don’t risk leaving something like this sitting around your garden as it is just too risky for the little ones.

Got Something To Add?

Do you have any tips for keeping your garden safe for kids? Share them in the comments section below.

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