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We’re sure like us you’re starting to feel the winter chill come in. This will be our first winter in our new home, and we’ve been doing our best to get the house winter ready. As part of our build process we did our best to ensure we’d keep our heating costs as low as possible in the winter months with deep cavity walls, underfloor heating and added insulation all important parts of our build. But as the winter evenings draw in, deep soaks in our new free-standing bath will hopefully become the norm. With this in mind we wanted to share some top tips for getting your bathroom winter ready.

5 Ways To Get Your Bathroom Winter Ready

1. Warming Those Floors

It certainly depends on the budget you have, but one of the simplest ways to evoke a cozy sensation of warmth between your toes early in the morning is to get a heated floor. Having underfloor heating in our new home has been a great investment and one we’re certainly glad of every morning when we venture into the bathroom to get ready for the day ahead.

While underfloor heating can be a considerable investment, there are other ways to warm those floors in the morning including electric heaters or a nice rug. If you are looking at an electric heater though, be sure to get a qualified electrician to fit it. We had an electric heater in the bathroom in our old home and it was certainly a welcome touch in the cold winter mornings.

2. Think About Your Lighting

Winter Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas - Pikalily Blog

That feeling of warmth isn’t just about specific materials, you can also add lighting to make the space brighter, which will ease you into the day a lot better. There are numerous options for you, you could have mirrors with lights, candles or even a chandelier. A chandelier may seem like a big expense, but it’s a little bit of style you can add to the bathroom without being reminded of how dark it is outside.

Think about turning your bathroom into something a bit more akin to a spa. This way, you can add extra fixtures to get you into a more warmer feeling. We opted for some inset lighting in our shower and this creates a real luxury hotel feel to the shower. If you have the space in your shower, this is relatively easy to achieve.

3. Mixing Your Styles

Vanity Unit Ideas - Winter Bathroom Design Ideas - Pikalily Blog

Wood and antique approaches can incorporate a rustic sensibility to the bathroom, which makes it more appealing, especially in comparison to the cold sterile silvers and metals of many modern bathrooms. Materials like brass or copper don’t just look more inviting, but they help to retain heat.

So if you like a bath in the morning, consider a bathtub that will keep the water warm, even if you are able to see your breath first thing! Wooden styles communicate log cabins and ski houses. This feeling of warmth from wood is one of the reasons we opted for our wooden vanity unit – although we think it is perfect for all weather 🙂

4. Get Steamy

Shower Inset Ideas - Winter Bathroom Design Ideas - Pikalily Blog

The shower is, arguably, one thing we all need in the morning to wake us up, before our coffee of course. If you wake up feeling the chill every morning during the winter, a hot shower is certainly one thing to loosen you up. We bought two rainfall shower heads for our new home (one for the main bathroom and one for the ensuite – check out our ensuite design tips here) and they are perfect for getting you warmed up on a winter morning. You can pick these up relatively cheap online, and we’ve no doubt it’ll be a welcome addition to your bathroom this winter.

5. Heated Towel Rails

Get your towels nice and warm for the morning with a heated towel rail. Again, this is something we invested in for our home, and with the radiators set on a timer we can now look forward to warm towels to greet us in the morning. There’s nothing quite like stepping out of the shower into a nice warm towel on a cold, winter morning. Heated towel rails add a major amount of luxury to the bathroom, and you can achieve this at a relatively low cost.

Time to Wrap Up

Yes, it’s getting colder outside, and this means we’ve got to wrap up warm for the long journey to work. And as far as the dark mornings are concerned, a lovely warm shower, with some nice zingy shower gels and shampoos will, at the very least, wake us up! But now, it’s getting to the point where we’ve got to wrap up a little bit more, and every morning feels like a bigger challenge. We also try to start the day with a vitamin D supplement to give us a bit of a boost for the day ahead, before even venturing near a coffee.

However you start the day, getting that bathroom nice and cozy is a great way to ease this into any winter day. There’s nothing worse than feeling like we don’t want to get out of bed, especially when it’s so cold just outside of the sheets. So get up and run to the bathroom, because it will be nice and warm for you. That way, you’ve started your day on a good note.

What are your tips for getting your bathroom winter ready, or even getting yourself ready for the colder winter mornings? Let us know in the comments section below or by sharing them with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Until next time, wrap up and stay warm.

Helen, Nial and Lewis


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