5 Modern Trends For Home Lovers To Enjoy

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Homes are the most expensive thing that most people will buy in their lives. At the same time, there is nothing like the level of innovation in the home market as there are in many others, like consumer electronics. It’s strange.

Part of the problem is with home builders themselves: many lack the innovative capacity to come up with new and desirable concepts that will get people excited about buying homes. The other issue is cost: fitting out a home with all the latest tech is a risky thing to do, especially before anybody has moved in.

Despite this quirk of the housing market, there are certain things that buyers want when they go searching for a new home. Check out these modern home concepts that current buyers want.

Energy-Efficient Fittings And Fixtures

Today’s home buyers have come to realize that the cost of running a home can drain their finances, even if they buy outright with cash. Energy bills can take a severe toll on family income.

The good news, though, is that thanks to substantial innovation by firms, there is an energy-efficient option for practically every fixture and fitting in the house. LED lights slash the cost of lighting by nearly 90 percent.

Power-saving showers can cut energy usage by 50 percent. And foaming mixer taps can reduce water usage by 60 percent.

Open Plan

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Open spaces have been hot for a long time, and that doesn’t show any sign of changing – we opted for an open plan concept when designing our own home.

The main driver of the open plan revolution is the fact that people want to feel connected to their families and guests while cooking in the kitchen. Being hidden away, preparing meals is no fun, especially when nobody can see the effort you’re going to.

The other fact is that many quality houses for sale offer buyers a feeling of space. Open plan areas make a home feel much more grand and modern.

Neutral Decor

Buyers like a home to have personality but, at the same time, the majority prefer neutral tones and colors. This preference isn’t because buyers are boring but rather that they’d like a blank canvas on which to project their own preferences.

Brightly painted walls and unusual artwork can detract from that process and make it hard for buyers to imagine moving in.

Neutral doesn’t have to be boring at all. In fact, it can be dramatic. But it’s dramatic in a way that doesn’t intrude on other people’s preferences.

Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces

Homebuilders in the past did a poor job of connecting the house with the garden. If you got sliding doors, you were lucky. Today, though, home builders take it much more seriously.

It’s now possible to get a covered indoor-outdoor space, complete with outdoor kitchen or fireplace. Seating has come along considerably too, with dramatical improvements to reclined seating and outdoor cushions.

Modern Kitchens

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Finally, buyers want kitchens with the latest modern conveniences, including high-spec countertops, cabinets, and lighting. Many builders now include in-built facilities within the cabinetry, such as pull-out refrigerated drawers.

Got Something To Add?

What are your tips for modern living? Let us know by commenting below.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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