Is Latex the Next Interior Design Fad?

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There’s been a wave of style changes in the modern world of interior design that you have most likely noticed. Foam used to be a sudden change to a room because it’s something that could be shaped to anything.

The issue with this is that you need covers that are also shaped in the exact same design. Foam is cut out and comes in block form. Making it tough and able to absorb a lot of wear and tear, it becomes a very nice material for beds, sofas, chairs and sometimes even flooring.

However what interior designers have realised is that foam is great but it’s not very flexible when it comes to specific needs of homeowners. Latex is something that has the comfort of foam but can be cut up and used as filler. So what you have is a material that provides the same feeling as foam but can be put into various designs and not take charge of the shape itself.

Feathers can be Swapped

Arguably the best pillows in the world all have one filling – feathers. Duck feathers are used in many pillows and indeed they are the filling of choice for our own pillows – the comfort they provide is great.

While duck feathers can be great for pillows, as they are able to give your head and neck support, they do have a downside. They can trap a lot of heat and this can be uncomfortable for some people. This has resulted in latex pillows pillows becoming increasingly popular.

Latex pillows feel like foam but the material is so finely cut up that it allows you to sink even further into the pillow. You can get different grades of latex and decide how coarse or fine the filler should be. Since each tiny piece is separate, heat is evenly distributed and trapped at the same time. It’s more practical and works well in all seasons (and our next purchase for pillows).

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The Bounce you Need

The bedroom is where latex really begins to come into it’s own stride (we’re not talking about anything creepy here though 🙂 ). The all important mattress is where you should begin! Take for example the options that Silentnight Mattresses offer.

The Latex 2000 options are very attractive as they come in all the sizes you would want. They are durable and responsive. They can breathe very well which is good for when the very hot summer nights arrive and you simply don’t want to not have a duvet over your body.

The support structure is zoned which means you will have areas that have more support than others such as the middle where your center of gravity often is during sleep. Latex is also flexible so the mattresses won’t begin to creak after a small amount of use as so many other styles do.

Latex is a material that often outshines foam. Foam is great but in the modern world, the material should not dictate the design of your interior. Instead, latex acts as the filler to any kind of shape and size decor piece you have.

Have You Embraced the Latex Trend?

Have you started to embrace latex furnishings in your home? We’d love to hear how they are going for you. Let us know in the comments section below.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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