15 Things to do for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day

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With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, and Father’s Day in the not so distant future, we thought we’d pull together a wee list of possible things to do to mark these occasions (and get in early before you’re bombarded with lists 🙂 ).

Here are 15 things to do that can make Mother’s Day and Father’s Day extra special in 2019. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, you may need to use some of these soon.

1. Make Breakfast in Bed

Surprise dad as soon as he wakes up by bringing him breakfast in bed so he can start the day off on exactly the right foot. An old classic.

2. Do the Chores

Once the day begins, you can make a big difference to his day by making sure you take charge of all the housework and chores yourself.

3. Go Out for Dinner

It might be nice to go out with your mum and dad on these special days, and even bring the kids to mark the occasion. We find it’s nice to stay local on such occasions.

4. TV Time

Just this once, don’t hog the TV. Let the mother or father in your household watch whatever they want for the day.

5. Get the Kids Involved

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The best Mother’s and Father’s Day experiences are those where the kids get involved as well, so try to make this happen. We love spending time with Lewis and indeed our parents on these special occasions.

6. Choose the Perfect Gift

Choosing the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is something that can take a lot of time to get right, but there is plenty of choice out there. Give yourself plenty of time and start asking some questions a few weeks out to get an idea of what exactly they need or want.

7. Steal a Few Moments Together

It’s good to spend a little time together with your parent or other half, so remember to try and set some time aside to just relax and reminisce.

8. Make Time for Relaxing

Much like above, taking the time to relax on these occasions is highly recommended. Indeed, you might want to consider a spa break or pampering session for your mum, or a nice evening down at the local with your father.

9. Plan Some Surprises

Planning some surprises would be a really great way of making things more interesting for a parent or partner on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Consider a random day out in which they don’t know what is coming next.

10. Relax at Home

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Perhaps you’d rather spend some quality time around your home and garden. If this is the case, make sure you create a nice relaxing environment, and treat them to breakfast, lunch and dinner!

11. DIY Gifts

There are so many things you can do to choose the right gift, but taking some time to do it yourself is extra rewarding. Here are some DIY Father’s Day gifts that you can create yourself. You’ll even be able to use some of these on Mothering Sunday.

12. Focus on the Experience

Sometimes, the best thing to do for a gift is to make sure you think about how you can give a great experience, so consider things like an afternoon at a local cooking school or a day with all the family. Take time to think about the exact experience you want to create.

13. Food is Good

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Food is always a good bet, whether you decide to go out for a meal, cook something at home or buy a food voucher for their favourite restaurant. You can’t really go wrong with a culinary gift.

14. Show Them They Matter

Showing your parent or partner that they actually matter is really important. One of the best ways to do this is with a thoughtful card, so don’t just lift the first one you see; take time to read the messaging inside the card, and also consider what you are going to write yourself.

15. Get Some Sleep!

Make sure you let them get plenty of rest as well, and this could be a lie-in or even an after lunch nap! Remember, it’s a day for them to relax and not worry about having to run about too much.

Got Something to Add?

These are just a few thoughts we have, but of course, for these occasions there is so much you can do. The most important thing is to make it about the mother or father, and make them the central focus for the day.

Let us know your top tips in the comments section below.


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