4 Benefits To Moving In With Parents

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For many young people or indeed young couples, moving back in with your parents is becoming more and more common.

With house prices on the rise, and the ongoing impact of Covid, you may start seeing more and more young people moving back home to help them save to get back on the property ladder.

Indeed, it’s something we did ourselves during our self build project. And moving back home when you have a child and a partner may seem like a very difficult thing to do, but it has many advantages. Here are four that come to mind.

You Will Save Money

Of course, you will end up saving a significant amount of cash. If you have debt or you’re trying to save up for a deposit, you will be able to save a lot, just as long as you are in the mindset that you are there to save.

Yes, you may have to put things into storage, but there are always suppliers like Rosebud Mini Warehousing that can give you a competitive offer. The most important thing to remember is to focus on saving as much money as possible.

This may seem like an obvious statement, but you could very easily fall into the mindset that having a takeaway here and a manicure there is okay, but it all adds up!

You Will Eat Very Well!

This is something you can rely on, especially with the combination of hungry children and doting grandparents! The benefit of eating together as a big family is that you will all chip in together, which saves everyone money, but the notion of the good old-fashioned family meal returns.

This is something that isn’t very common in households because everyone is so busy. And if your parents are of the baby boomer generation, they may very well be insistent that you sit down and have a meal together. And this is no bad thing!

You Will Have Some Time to Yourself (Seriously!)

You might not think this is true, and it may very well feel like the house is like the first few minutes of Home Alone on occasion, but it is so important to remember that you are moving in with people who are going to dote on your child. This means that you have a bit more breathing space.

Sometimes children won’t actually want you, they will want their grandparents, and rather than feeling like you are failing as a parent, take the opportunity to enjoy a bit of downtime! Because when you move back into a house of your own, you’re not going to have that breathing space! Enjoy it!

You Won’t Experience This Again

If there’s anything we’ve all learnt from the pandemic it’s that family is so important. If your children have spent months away from their grandparents, this is the ideal opportunity to be together.

If you had a lockdown baby, this could be the ideal time for your parents or in-laws to reconnect. You have to remember that both grandparents and children missed out on a lot, and this is the ideal chance to make up for lost time.

We’re not saying that it’s plain sailing, but the great thing about moving in with your in-laws or parents is that you will be able to save money, and have some breathing space, but there will be times when everybody feels like they’re on top of each other.

But in those difficult moments, you can dream about all your decor ideas and everything you want in your dream home!

Got Something To Add?

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Until next time, thanks for reading.

Helen, Nial and Lewis.


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