Security Tips to Protect Your Home When on Holiday

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Going on holiday is a great way to escape the stresses of everyday life. However, if you head off unprepared, you can very quickly find it hard to relax and enjoy your break.

While security in your home is always important, it’s even more vital when you go away. After all, you won’t be there to keep your property safe. There is nothing worse than returning to a ransacked house, especially after a lovely time away. With that in mind, here are five vital security tips you need to protect your home while travelling.

1. Have Neighbours Check In

It’s always nice to be a good neighbour, but it’s crucial when you go away. When you’re not there to protect your home, it helps to have a trusted neighbour check in now and then to ensure that everything is in order.

They can also take your bins out, water the plants, and open and close the curtains. This suggests that someone is home, which may deter any potential burglars.

2. Hide Your Valuable Belongings

Games consoles, electronics, paintings and jewellery are just a few valuable items we tend to have on display in our home (well jewellery is sometimes hidden but it’s not uncommon to have some pieces lying about). When you go away, it’s important that these items get stored somewhere secure and out of site. After all, if a burglar can’t see that you own expensive things, they may not risk breaking in. Just be sure you avoid any obvious hiding places, like your sock drawer.

3. Invest In Professional Systems

Having a professional home security system installed is one of the most sensible things a homeowner can do. Not only does it protect your home from potential break-ins, but it can also reduce your home insurance. We’ve used JNB Tech for our own professional security systems in the past while fake cameras and other signs can also act as a deterrent.

4. Double Check The Locks

When you leave on the morning of your trip, you should make sure that you lock every single door and window. While this tips may seem obvious, far too many holiday-goers miss a lock or two in the chaos of heading off. To avoid doing the same, you should go around the house at least twice to ensure you haven’t left an entrance for thieves to abuse.

5. Don’t Share Your Plans

Going on holiday is exciting, so, like most of us, you may be tempted to brag about your trip online. However, it’s vital that you don’t. While you can share as many statuses and snaps once you return home, you should hold back from doing so before or during your time away. This just advertises that you’re not home, which can make your property a target.

To save yourself unnecessary stress, follow the advice above and protect your home when you go away.

Got Anything to Add?

What do you do to protect your home when you go on holiday? Share your tips with us in the comments section below.

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