4 Ways Your Home Can Quickly Lose Value

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For many of us your house will be your single biggest investment. If you take care of your home and continue to look for ways to update it over time then you will likely be able to sell the property for a lot more than you originally bought it for.

However, there are also issues that can bring the value of your home right down. While these issues can typically be rectified, they can often cost quite a lot for repairs. However, they are worth doing as you don’t want a small problem becoming an even bigger headache, especially if you are looking to sell some day. So, let’s look at some of the problems and why they need fixing.

1. Holes In The Roof

Problems with the roof can quickly balloon out of control. If there is a hole in your roof this is usually an issue that is left after a storm, strong winds or a touch of frost a spout of bad weather. It’s for this reason that you should always inspect your roof after a poor spell of weather.

Failing this, head up to the attic and see if any natural light is seeping through in areas that it shouldn’t be. According to roofing specialists like PH Roofing, it’s easier to handle repairs if you make sure that you catch them early. A failure to do this can bring other more serious problems.

2. Damp

Damp is caused by excess moisture in the home and can come about in many reasons including burst or leaking pipes, rising damp in floors, poor heating and ventilation or a leak through your roof, window or doors. Ultimately, water is finding its way into your home and this can cause serious problems if not treated quickly.

Damp problems can also lead to musty smells and if the damp is bad enough you’ll start to notice discolouring on your walls and also some damp marks in your flooring. If the damp has gotten to this stage it’s time to call in a plumber to start to address the problem. If it is not sorted quick enough the problem could quickly become a very costly one.

3. Pest Trouble

Many of us will have a pest problem of some shape or form in our home, particularly if you own older homes. If you are looking to sell your home, whatever you do, don’t try to sell it when you have pests.

To try and ensure you don’t have a pest problem, avoid keeping your doors open. It’s also important to ensure there are no small gaps in your floor or in between window or door frames – for older homes this is more likely. Take your time to go around and check for any draft spots or small holes and be sure to cover them up.

4. Asbestos

Finally, you might find that you have an asbestos problem in your home. This is far more common in older properties than new buildings. In the past asbestos was quite common in many construction products and was used for things like insulation or floor and roof tiles. Today, this is no longer the case as asbestos has many health issues associated with it.

If you discover you have asbestos it’s important not to disturb it. If you are looking at selling your home or renovating, it’s worth getting a surveyor or skilled contractor out to take a look. In Northern Ireland, asbestos can only be removed from a residential property by a licensed asbestos removal contractor. The Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) have more information on asbestos removal contractors. Learn more at nidirect.gov.uk/articles/asbestos-removal.

Until next time, stay on top of those issues, especially during this current bad spell of weather we are experiencing.

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