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Easter Eggs at M&S - Pikalily Food Travel Blog

We were recently invited along by Marks and Spencers to check out their fabulous range of Easter Eggs and it’s safe to say we were blown away by how exceptional these eggs looked.  With something for everyone, including limited edition eggs, M&S really have mastered the feel of luxurious chocolate eggs for the Easter season.  Read below to find out 6 of our favourites, and be sure to watch the video at the end to see just how much effort has gone into crafting these little marvels.

Mid-range Easter Eggs:

Fruit & Nut Lattice Egg – £12.00

This egg is a beautiful handmade hollow milk chocolate egg with pistachios, salted hazelnuts, almonds, golden raisins and sour cherries interlocked within the hand-piped chocolate shell.  The almonds have a gold luster on them adding a little luxury that is sure to make someone close to you feel extra special this Easter.

Gold and Velvet Sculptured Milk Chocolate Egg – £15.00

A modern take on the Easter Egg sees this gold and velvet egg split into two with one half finished in a gold luster and the other half sprayed with a dark chocolate velvet.  This egg has a number of wee surprises waiting for you including some mini golden eggs filled with praline.

A Constellation of Assorted Eggs – £15.00

Another part of the M&S luxury collection, this constellation features an assortment of hollow and filled eggs made with milk and dark chocolate.  The range of flavours include honeycomb and crisp dark chocolate, crispy feuilletine in milk chocolate, a blue coloured white chocolate egg with blueberry and raspberry, a hollow dark chocolate egg with gold luster and a dulce de leche filled mini milk chocolate eggs.

M&S Luxury Easter Eggs - Pikalily Food Travel Blog

High-end Easter Eggs:

Limited Edition Giant Golden Lattice Egg – £40.00

With only 1,000 of these eggs made, make this your real slice of luxury this Easter.  A giant hand-piped milk chocolate lattice egg encases a smaller handcrafted lattice egg, set in a dark chocolate void.  Gold luster and crispy golden pearls give this egg the sort of finish you would expect from something so luxurious.  For the chocolate connoisseurs among you, this is a must purchase.  Weighing in at 1.5kg, you really are getting a lot of bang for your buck with this one!

Now something for the kids:

Kids Easter Eggs at M&S - Pikalily Food Travel Blog

Chirpy Charlie Chick Egg – £12.00

This hand painted hollow white chocolate egg looks like a chick and is something a little different to set beside your kids Easter egg collection this weekend.  The price might seem a little high for a kids egg, but the craftsmanship that has clearly went into the egg, and the enjoyment of your child upon seeing the egg, will no doubt make it worthwhile.

Mini Easter Egg Hunt Kit – £8.00

Last on our list is this super cute Easter bucket complete with a selection of milk chocolate eggs for your Easter Sunday egg hunt.  The pack even comes with little signs to hang around your garden as clues to help guide your little ones around the garden (or house) to find the eggs.  What better way to start the Easter holidays!

Watch some of these eggs being created below

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We were invited along by Marks and Spencers to check out their range of Easter Eggs.  All thoughts shared in this blog are our own.


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