6 Ways to Find a New Style

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It can feel impossible to find an outfit that looks and feels good and suits you down to a tee. What’s more, it feels like everyone else you see has perfected their style, and they walk around looking their best without a care. So how come you can’t enjoy the same benefits?

While many people find a style at a certain age and stick to it, it’s possible you’ve gotten bored of your look. You check out old photos, and you see nothing exciting or no evolution that demonstrates all you’ve seen and experienced. If this sounds familiar, it might be time for a change, so consider these six tips to help you try a new style that works wonders.

Start In Your Wardrobe

There’s no better way to get an idea of your style than by looking in your own wardrobe. This is a great place to start as it gives you an idea of what you have and what you like, giving you a fascinating platform to build on, especially if you’re not ready to make too drastic of a change.

You will also find items and outfits you had forgotten about entirely. These could be like discovering brand new clothes, or you can wonder what on earth you were thinking and donate them. Whatever you decide, you will know what you like, what you don’t like, and what you want and need.

Look For Style Inspiration

You should also know the type of looks you want to achieve, so finding style inspiration on social media, TV shows, or magazines can help you get an idea of what you love. Using others as inspiration can help you find the right outfit for you, and you don’t need to spend hundreds buying multiple clothes you might not even keep. Don’t be afraid to put a unique spin on things, either, as this can make your look more personalised and match your vibe.

Create a Style Mood Board

You can’t always be on, but you may come across clothes and styles that you adore and don’t want to forget, especially if there’s a specific item that stands out. Rather than lose it forever, create a styler mood board that includes everything you’ve stumbled across. You can whittle it down to find pieces that stand out the most (and are affordable). This allows you to gradually build your wardrobe piece by piece, allowing you to make small but exciting changes to your style before unleashing your full new look on the world.

Build A Capsule Closet

A capsule closet helps you make the most of your wardrobe, as it gives you a range of base items that work in various situations. This approach works perfectly for people who don’t want to get dressed up to the nines every day but still want to look their best. It allows you to throw on stylish but everyday items like jeans and t-shirts and combine them with a nice coat if you’re heading out. As these items are versatile, they work with multiple looks so you can experiment with your style as well.

Speak to An Expert

While you know what you want better than anyone else, you may approach some looks with blinders. This can cause you to make style decisions that don’t work as well as you’d want them to. Instead, you can speak to an expert about achieving a new hairstyle. You can use this stacked bob styling guide for inspiration, while your local hair salon can make it a reality. Besides hair, there is plenty of advice for upping your makeup game and finding clothes that complement your body shape and skin tone.

Be Bolder

Sometimes it’s not about what you wear but rather about dressing with confidence that makes everyone pay attention for the right reasons. If you still feel uninspired by your wardrobe, you may benefit from simply being bolder and taking drastic steps to transform your wardrobe overnight. Not every decision will be a hit, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re trying something new, and you can express yourself how you’ve always wanted to.


Finding a new style can be intimidating at any age, yet it can help you find a new lease on life and give you the confidence you need to try even more new things whether you want to make minor adjustments or full-scale changes, these tips will empower you to perfect the style you’ve always wanted, and this could just be the beginning.

Got Something to Add?

Share your top tips for finding or creating a new style in the comments section below.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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