Picking Gifts for Your Partner

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Over the coming months, as we get closer to the festive season, we’re going to be sharing some tips and advice on topics relating to the holiday period. Today we’re looking at gift ideas for your partner.

It can be hard to choose the perfect gift for your partner, whether it’s their birthday, your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or one of the many other holidays and events that seem to crop up across the year. There are so many occasions on which you have to buy a present for your loved one that you might be all out of ideas halfway through the year. But choosing the perfect gift isn’t something that necessarily requires a lot of money or excessive amounts of planning. As the old saying goes, it’s the thought that counts.

That might be a cheesy thing to say, but it’s true. Still, if you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas for your partner then here are some romantic suggestions that we regularly turn to.

4 Gift Ideas for Your Partner

1. A Romantic Day Out

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If you’re struggling to find something to buy for your partner then maybe you could treat them to a romantic day out, a surprise that could provide memories for many years to come. Perhaps it’s a day out to your favourite town (like a day in Newcastle) or a trip to somewhere that holds special meaning to you both. Or maybe it’s something simple like a trip to the cinema or your favourite restaurant.

Whatever you decide, making the effort to spend some time together and have a day out can prove to be a rather romantic gesture. We’ve found days out with Lewis to be really rewarding and are creating endless memories, so your romantic day out could in some cases include the kids (although it is nice to get some you time).

2. A New Accessory

Another great romantic gift idea is to buy your partner a new accessory. Buying them something they can wear means that they’ll be able to see their gift throughout the day. And if you choose a high-quality accessory then it’s a gift that’ll stand the test of time, too. A beautiful necklace could go down a treat if you’re buying something for your girlfriend or wife. If you’re buying for your boyfriend or husband then you might want to consider a nice new belt for their jeans or even a stylish hat (if they’re a hat person).

Of course, you might want to opt for a slightly more extravagant gift. If you’re looking for something beautiful and stylish for your lady then something like an Armani AR1926 watch could earn you some serious brownie points. The great thing about a stunning and elegant accessory like a watch or jewellery is that it’s a gift which will be there wherever your partner goes.

3. Some Chocolate

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When in doubt, can you go wrong with chocolate? Unless your partner is lactose (or is one of the few people who doesn’t like chocolate) then this is a very safe bet. And if they really don’t like chocolate then you could wrap up some sweets or even some wine and cheese for them to enjoy. When you’re looking for a romantic gesture, food and drink is usually a safe bet; well, at least that’s the case for us. It might not last as long as some of the other gift suggestions in this article, but that might be a good thing if your cabinets are starting to overflow with jewellery and socks.

4. Spa Break

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If you want to really push the boat out then why not consider an overnight stay at a spa hotel, or if you can’t spend the night, even just a day trip to the spa. Northern Ireland has some amazing spa hotels just waiting to be explored, and with Christmas around the corner, this could be a great gift for your better half. The Slieve Donard Resort & Spa in our hometown of Newcastle, the Galgorm Resort & Spa and Lough Erne Resort in Fermanagh would be our 3 favourite’s so far. A great way to escape from it all for a few hours or days.

Have You Any Gift Ideas?

What is your go to gift idea when you want to get that something special for your partner? Let us know by commenting below.


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