Layered Chocolate Raspberry Trifle Dessert

Layered Chocolate and Raspberry Trifle Dessert - Pikalily Food Blog

We recently made one of Helen’s Mum’s favourite desserts for Valentine’s Day, Chocolate Raspberry Towers.  We had forgotten how nice they were and we thought that the recipe would work really well as a layered dessert.  We’ve made a few changes to the recipe to allow for this.  Although the dessert uses crème de cassis and dark chocolate it is extremely light and refreshing. Be warned, it is very moreish!!

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Decadent chocolate and berry towers

Chocolate Raspberry Tower - Pikalily Food Blog

This recipe has been passed on to Helen by her mum Retta who has been making it for years and is a dab hand in the kitchen when it comes to baking.  Although the dessert contains dark chocolate and crème de cassis, it is very light and refreshing due to the raspberry mousse and fresh berries.

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Helen’s chocolate chilli bonfire cake

Chocolate chilli caramel cake - Pikalily Food Blog

I have wanted to play with chocolate and chilli for a while and I thought that there would be no better time than Halloween – bonfire season.  The nights are drawing in and it’s getting cold, so why not divulge in some chocolate with a little heat!  To give the cake that added bit of visual drama and theatre, I made some shards of caramel with fine strands of red chilli and dried chilli flakes in it.  Adding a mixture of dark and light brown sugars brings a balance of richness and lightness to the cake.

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Wedding cake design – what to consider

Wedding cake ideas - Pikalily food blog

I have been making decorative cakes for friends and family members for a few years now and wedding cakes are definitely a favourite of mine. After making several wedding cakes for other people I couldn’t resist the chance to make my very own in December 2014. My mum helped bake the cakes and I designed and decorated it, all 8 tiers!!

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Natvia lime and passion fruit drizzle cake

Natvia lime and passion fruit drizzle cake - Pikalily food blog

We recently shared our lemon drizzle cake recipe with you and as it’s a pretty easy recipe to follow and make, we decided to make another drizzle cake, this time using lime and passion fruit curd.  In this cake we used a new product we’ve come across called Natvia; it’s a sweetener alternative to sugar.  Here is how we did it.

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Syrupy lemon drizzle cake

Lemon drizzle cake - Pikalily food blog

This cake is perfect for those of you who are just getting into baking.  It is an all in one batter that you simply bake, drizzle and enjoy.  It’s also a perfect way to introduce your kids to baking, something we would certainly encourage of any parent.  We used lemon for our cake as it provides a zingy spring like flavour, but you could get away with using other citrus fruits like orange or lime.  This fluffy textured cake is perfect served warm or cold and is extremely hard to resist!

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Easy Homemade Tea Loaf Recipe

Tea Loaf Recipe - Pikalily Food Blog

While doing a quick tidy of my baking cupboard, I realised I had some dried fruit left over from Christmas that I needed to use up. With it being summer, I didn’t want to bake a heavy fruit cake, and I had too much fruit to use up to make Florentines. I decided to make a lovely moist tea cake, perfect with a cup of tea or even as part of an afternoon tea!! This recipe is super easy and makes a light yet moist tea cake. It’s quite a flexible recipe so you can use varying quantities of each dried fruit, depending on what you have. I have used Medjool dates as they are my favourite but you can use any variety. Known as the ‘King of Dates’, Medjool dates are soft, plump and sweet.

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Homemade banana bread recipe with flaxseed

Banana bread recipe with flaxseed - Pikalily Food Blog

We enjoy baking here at Pikalily and so long as you have a few eggs and some butter, sugar and flour, you can pretty much bake anything.  Last week we had a few ripe bananas, which in many homes tend to find their way into the bin.  We try to use rather than waste, so we decided to take these bananas and make a simple yet tasty banana bread.  Banana lovers out there, this is one recipe you need to be sure to bookmark.  Another ingredient we used in this bread was Linwoods flaxseed, cocoa and berries mix, something we regularly use when baking in the kitchen.

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Carrot cake pops recipe

Carrot cake flavour cake pops - Pikalily Food Blog

These cake pops were inspired by a recipe we came across by Delia Smith for her ultimate carrot cake.  Delia’s carrot cake recipe used coconut, and this was the first time we had ever seen coconut used in a carrot cake so it got us intrigued!  The original recipe however, uses sultanas and toasted pecan nuts, but, as we were making these for a family party, we decided that it would be best to leave nuts out of them.  Plus, Nial isn’t a huge fan of nuts so I guess it was partly for him also 🙂

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St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes Recipe

St Patricks Day Cupcakes - Pikalily Food Blog

These cupcakes are really fun to make with the whole family to help you celebrate one of the biggest days in the Irish calendar. They also taste great too and are very easy to make. These are regulars in our kitchen on St Patrick’s Day, and we’ve been busy this morning whipping up a batch for the family to enjoy today as part of the “Paddy’s Day” celebrations!

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