7 Things to Consider With a Home Swimming Pool

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If you are in the position to install a pool or you already have one, then you can make your pool area better with some changes. Some are cosmetic yet can make it a more inviting place. But practical features help you get more out of your outdoor swimming activities at your home.

Add a Changing Area

Swimming is a great activity, whether alone or with friends and family. But because of the nature of bathing suits and getting changed, it requires a certain level of privacy. Adding a changing area is a great idea for fixing this problem.

You can add separate stalls. And a communal shelter with seats makes it cosier. Yet you can also call in a plumber to finish it off with a W/C so you don’t have people trekking mud and water all over your home when they use the bathroom.

How About a Water Feature in Your Pool Area

Fountains and water features are trendy things to have in your garden. Yet they can take a pool to another level of elegance and sophistication. Simple spouts and orbs are simple but attractive. But you should, of course, consider the style of your pool and garden aesthetic when choosing water features.

A classic lady statue might look a bit out of place in an ultra-modern setting. Pool-specific deck jets, water bowls and cascading waterfalls are popular these days.

Add a Slide or Diving Board

Some of the most popular additions to swimming pools are the ones that make them more fun. Typically, you will see diving boards and slides. These are amazing fun for adults and children alike. A slide is essentially there for fun only. But diving boards can help you with your physical techniques.

But if you are only after some additional pool fun, you can also try other things. These include floating board games, diving toys and, of course, the popular floating lounger.

Don’t Forget About Safety

Swimming pools are inherently dangerous, especially if you add things such as slides, diving boards and toys. Because of this, you must not neglect safety at your home swimming pool:

  • Keep the garden area tidy, safely store toys, equipment and anything with wires.
  • Place signs to remind visitors about how to correctly behave when using the pool.
  • Place life rings and poles in easily accessible places near your swimming pool.
  • Always check that drain covers are correctly positioned and fixed the way they should.
  • Put up swimming pool fencing to prevent accidental slipping into the water.

It is your responsibility as a pool owner to make sure everyone is as safe as possible when using your swimming pool. Even if this means politely asking people to leave for bad behaviour.

Section Off a Sitting Area

Having a large pool is great because you can swim laps and play some games. However, not everyone wants to do these, and some people simply enjoy sitting in the water. When designing your pool, consider a separate split-level sitting area where you can relax in the water away from the activities and splashing.

This is great for lazy days, enjoying the cold water and hot sun. It’s also necessary for people with disabilities or younger children that just want to paddle.

Place a Hot Tub Near Your Pool Area

Having a separate sitting area in a pool is good. But you know what’s great? A separate sitting area with bubbles. Hot tubs aren’t very expensive these days, and they make a great addition to any garden, especially one with a pool. You can relax in style and supreme comfort with a hot tub.

Plus, they stay warm, encourage social activities and offer medical benefits too. For example, bubbles are known for helping with muscle and circulation issues in the elderly.

Use the View for an Infinity Pool

Having a swimming pool at home is pretty much as good as it gets for luxury. But how can you make that better? Well, if you live near the ocean, a large lake or the sea, you can take advantage of the view. Infinity pools are trendy these days because they work as though you are swimming in the ocean.

This works by installing your pool at a specific angle, so when you look out, all you see is water. So this depends on your specific location and land elevation.


You are a very lucky person if you can swim at home. But like anything else, this is what you make it. So you can make your pool area more appealing with some additions. For example, you can add a changing area, make it much safer, and add luxury features like a hot tub.

Got Something to Add?

If you’ve got something to share, please add your thouhgts in the comments section below.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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