Roasted red pepper and chick pea hummus recipe

Red pepper hummus - Pikalily food blog

Having recently made our very own focaccia bread, we decided to serve it up with some homemade hummus.  The focaccia bread can last for 3 – 4 days, so this recipe allowed us to make a tasty snack to finish the remainder of the focaccia.  Helen often makes a lemon, garlic and chick pea hummus, but as we had some baby red peppers to use up, we decided to make a roasted red pepper and chick pea hummus.  The roasted red peppers add an earthy sweetness to the hummus, and is extremely easy to make.  For fans of hummus, this is a increasingly popular twist on the classic hummus combination of garlic, lemon and chick peas.  Let’s get started.

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10 minute mid-week red pepper and tomato soup

Red Pepper Tomato Soup - Pikalily food blog

This soup only uses a few ingredients so it delivers clean, uncomplicated flavours.  It’s so quick and easy to make that it’s perfect for a mid-week dinner. We served our soup with some delicious garlicky, crispy croutons. It’s definitely a winner in our house!! Oh and it’s very healthy too.  A sure fire winner for those of you with a hectic lifestyle.  Throw away those microwave dinners and say hello to the 10 minute mid-week dinner – fresh and tasty!!

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Chorizo scotch egg and curry risotto recipe

Chorizo scotch egg recipe - Pikalily food blog

After a recent visit to Vanilla Restaurant in Newcastle (review to follow), we thought we would try to recreate one of the dishes we had on our visit.  Vanilla offer a great range of dishes but it was their duck and chorizo scotch egg with curry risotto that got our mouth watering.  The dish was amazing; so impressed were we that we thought we’d try to make our own version of the dish.  This dish can be the perfect starter to a 3 course meal for the family or a filling lunch or dinner for you to enjoy any day of the week.  The pressure points in this dish are getting your egg boiled and deep fried perfectly and also ensuring that your risotto has the right texture.  Let’s begin.

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Smoked bacon potato croquettes recipe

Bacon cheese croquettes - Pikalily food blog

We were recently watching the Food & Drink show on BBC 2 which is hosted by one of our favourite chefs, Michel Roux Jr.  In the episode we watched, Michel was joined by Mary Berry, one of Helen’s favourites cooks, especially when it comes to baking.  In the show, Michel and Mary discussed food waste, and we were shocked to see just how much food is binned every year in the UK.  It actually made us feel a little guilty, as we are often too quick to throw food in the bin rather than using it before it’s sell-by date.  Bread is the most binned food in the UK and as we had bread that was a day out of date, we thought we’d better use it instead of taking the easy option and binning it.  Michel cooked roast chicken croquettes using left over Sunday roast chicken and other ingredients that were ready for the bin.  This got us thinking, and with bread, potatoes and bacon all ready for the bin, we decided to take a leaf out of Michel’s book and try making some tasty croquettes.

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Sweet potato and chorizo soup

Sweet potato and chorizo soup recipe - Pikalily food blog

Welcome to the Pikalily food blog. Today we are going to share with you our first recipe of the blog. This recipe is so easy to make and tastes incredible. We’re talking about homemade sweet potato and chorizo soup.

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