3 Home Hacks To Make Life Easier

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Being a busy working couple, it can be difficult to get even the most basic of life chores done in an efficient way. The idea of doing the daily washing and tidying around the house may send you into a tailspin, while the thought of planning your next holiday could result in heart palpitations. Even the notion of cooking up a feast for the family can give you the fear! You need to make your life easier.

While you may work hard, you want to play hard too. Don’t risk burnout at work and seek those moments of quality family time. Being permanently on the go, because your organisational skills aren’t up to scratch can lead to stress. Follow this guide and discover some useful home hacks for your family.

Moving House

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If you are willingly putting yourself into the most stressful situation imaginable and you are moving house, you need to consider how to make your life easier.

You can click here to discover the sorts of removals companies that will not only transport your belongings to your new pad, but they will also provide all of the packaging, pack everything for you, dismantle flat pack furniture, protect your antique mirror, and label up all of the boxes.

This gives you a ridiculous amount of time to spend chasing up your mortgage advisor, your estate agent and your solicitor. Moving house is a busy time. Just concentrate on what is in your control, sign forms quickly, and respond to emails within the hour to ensure your house move goes without a hitch.

Think Double When It Comes To Cooking

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If you’re leading a busy life with work and other activities during the week, one area that you can often have little time to focus on is your cooking. This can often result in reaching for junk food or takeaways to crave your hunger.

Instead of spending more money on food you don’t need, why not cook all your meals in advance over the weekend and freeze them and use as required. Things like lasagne, stews, curries, casseroles and soups are all easy dishes to create this time of the year and don’t take long to cook from frozen.

So when it comes to cooking, as Celine Dion once sang – “Think Twice”!


We live in a techno age nowadays. While you don’t like to think of yourself as a dinosaur, there are still some gadget hacks that could come in handy. Charge your phone in airplane mode and you’ll hit one hundred per cent in half the time; perfect if you’re travelling or you just need a little bit of extra juice.

If your WiFi at home is a little sluggish, you can boost the signal yourself. By wrapping a small piece of cardboard in some aluminium foil and placing it behind your router, download speeds are boosted as your signal is amplified. Genius!

Follow these life hacks and make your life easier and just a little less chaotic.

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