4 Bathroom Upgrades for the New Year

Winter Bathroom Design Ideas - Pikalily Blog

As we enter the new year, thoughts for many turn to resolutions. Rather than thinking about yourself this year, why not consider a new year’s resolution for your home in the form of a bathroom upgrade.

With the Christmas holidays now behind us, there are plenty of great bargains to be found in the January sales. Indeed, when it came to building our own home last year, we found many a bargain for our bathroom in the January sales.

Here are a handful of bathroom upgrades to consider this year so that you can kick off the new year with a new bathroom (or an upgrade that makes it feel like new).

1. A Freestanding Bath

Winter Bathroom Design Ideas - Pikalily Blog

Those Victorian bathtubs with lion feet are definitely a thing of the past; this year, it’s all about sunken baths. While you can place it wherever you like within the bathroom, a lot of people are starting to make this tub the centrepiece of the room and place it, of course, in the centre.

This will undeniably give your room an entirely new look and make it appear a lot more modern. It doesn’t have to cost too much either as long as you know where to look and remember to take advantage of sales; start by having a look at Lusso Stone, for example, and work your way through the local bathroom suppliers in your area.

2. Exposed Hardware

If you’re not a fan of the industrial look, this one might not be for you – but exposed hardware is making its way into people’s bathrooms and it’s here to stay. This look will pair perfectly with an exposed brick wall as well, by the way, in case you’ve already opted for this look; let your pipes shine and put your plumbing on display, in general, for a modern and slightly worn look.

This is a look tends to be more popular in older homes, though, and this style also works well with a freestanding bath. Exposed hardware is great for your bathroom sink, the bathtub and even the toilet if you’re planning on swapping it out anytime soon.

Exposed hardware and some wooden or brick features around your bathroom, and indeed your home can be a great way to create a rustic look for your home.

3. A Statement Mirror

Bathroom Mirror Ideas - Pikalily Blog

While every bathroom needs a mirror, we’d recommend opting for a mirror that has a real impact in your room. Put that square and minimalistic mirror in the hallway instead, in other words, and consider one of these extravagant mirrors for your bathroom.

We opted for a chunky wooden mirror to go with our vanity unit, making it a real focal point of our bathroom. It’s something we look at everyday, and certainly grabs the attention of visitors to the home. Our mirror has a gold metallic edge and metals are certainly on trend at the minute when it comes to your bathroom, especially if you are planning on some exposed pipework as before.

4. A Quirky Vanity Unit

Vanity Unit Ideas - Winter Bathroom Design Ideas - Pikalily Blog

Vanity units are increasingly popular in modern bathrooms, but why not consider something different. When it came to our bathroom, we opted for a bit of a DIY vanity as we paired a countertop sink with a funky chest of drawers. This created a statement vanity that is certainly unique to our home. We picked up our chest of drawers from TK Maxx and worked with our plumber to create a wonderfully quirky vanity.

Are You Ready For A Bathroom Upgrade?

So get your creative mind going this January, and look for bargains that can help you really upgrade your bathroom and give it a wow factor!

Bathroom renovations can be a considerable investment, but if you spend some time shopping around, you can really create a great bathroom on a budget.

Are you planning any bathroom upgrades in 2019? We’d love to hear what you have in mind. Let us know in the comments section below.

Until next time, happy upgrading and a Happy New Year.

Helen, Nial and Lewis.


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