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Goodbye wonderful winter, hello dreary new year! The relaxing holiday season has quickly disappeared, and a new year lies in wait. But, while the bank balance is a tad lower, we can start to look forward to some quieter evenings and the joys of home comforts this January.

So, if you have a looming credit card bill, or you’re feeling the festive blues having returned to work, what can you do to ensure that your home environment is nurturing your tendencies to relax? Here are a few of our own thoughts to make your home a comfortable space to begin to relax in.

Comfort In The Mind = Leave Stress Behind!

Sometimes it’s not about what you have in your home, but what you have in your mind. But if you are someone who is prone to bouts of obsessive-compulsive disorder, decluttering is one of the simplest ways you can calm your mind quickly, and as a bonus, you’ve got a clean home.

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Decluttering isn’t something that should be done once in a blue moon; if you keep on top of the little bits of decluttering, say every weekend, you’ve got a pristine home all the time. Decluttering is also a great way to get rid of any old clothes or furniture items that have perhaps been upgraded over the Christmas period. Read our blog on 3 ways to declutter your home for more advice on decluttering.

Walls & Floors = Happiness Behind The Doors

Are you someone who likes the feeling of carpet between their toes? If you like going barefoot, maybe you want to evoke that sensation of warmth throughout the entire house, especially in winter. A great way to ensure your home is warm throughout the winter period is to look at something like oil, gas or electric underfloor heating. We opted for underfloor heating in our new home and it is fueled by gas. It’s great to feel a warm tiled floor first thing in the morning – a great way to start the day.

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And if you keep looking at your walls and feel uninspired or drab, then you need to repaint! Don’t go for bright, vibrant colors though, go for soothing hues. Pastel blues and greens are simple, yet charming, while whites and creams can work well all year round.

Freshness = Stress Less

Do you have flowers in the home? If you do not, a simple bouquet can pep up the entire space, not to mention the fact that it gives the air a scent of freshness. If you don’t like flowers or you’re allergic to them, you can light a scented candle, or spritz up the space with wonderful lavender or vanilla scents. Flowers and candles are a must for us to help create a relaxing environment around the home, especially if guests are visiting.

More Light = Feel Right

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January is a very dreary month, and it can feel like we are hunkering down, waiting for the month to pass. One thing that can add to this dreary feeling is the lack of light in the home, especially if you work a 9-5. If this is the case you’ll find that you’re spending more of your time in the home when it’s dark rather than light.

If you do not have much light entering your home, there are tricks you can take advantage of to make a darkened room appear lighter. And if you are conscious of the electricity bill, a lot of the tricks involve reflection of light. But also, if you don’t feel comfortable in your home, get some stronger bulbs, unless you’re looking for an ambience in rooms like the bathroom, where candles are everything!

Update and Relax

For many, January is, unsurprisingly, miserable. In many ways, we can struggle to relax, especially as we’re back in work, and we have an abundance of bills. But if we feel stressed out by our own home; it’s high time that we make some essential changes to the space.

You don’t have to go overboard, but if you’re looking to survive the month of January, you need to make your home your base and relax to the max.

Have you got any tips for transforming your home into a space for relaxation this January? Let us know by commenting below.

Until next time, be sure to get some R&R.

Helen, Nial and Lewis


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