6 Ways to Update Your Home’s Appearance

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If you’re bored of your home and decor, it’s time to make some changes. You don’t need to make huge changes to your home to feel better about your space; there are all kinds of things you can do that cost very little and take minimal effort. Here are some ideas!

1. Pick A New Paint Colour

An easy way to spruce up your home is by adding some colour – and for most homes this means a paint job. Consider how you want to feel in a particular room and choose your colour accordingly. Each colour is associated with moods and feelings: red, for example, can be urgent, energetic, and sexy. Blue can be calm and bring peace.

Yellow often brings feelings of optimism and joy. Have a look and figure out which color you should go for. When it comes to colour we believe you should be looking beyond your walls and start to look at textures and fixtures and fittings in your home, and subtly adding colour to create an ambience in your home.

2. Make Sure you Have Peace of Mind At Home

To feel good in your home, you need to have peace of mind. This means making sure your home is safe and secure. CCTV is always a good idea, as it’s a huge deterrent to criminals.

Good windows and doors are not only a great way to stop people from breaking in, they can let in plenty of natural light, and keep draughts out. You might even want to look at animal control if you have a pest problem. Keeping your home clean and finding a way to store your bins away from your house can help.

3. Experiment With A New Layout

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Perhaps your furniture arrangement is tired and not optimal. See if you can experiment with a new layout. You can make sure you exert as little effort as possible by using an app first to make sure everything is going to look how you want it to. You could even just experiment by doing things like pulling your furniture away from the wall.

Having furniture pushed against the wall might seem like a good idea to create space, but it’s actually not a great look. What’s the point in having lots of space in the middle of the room if all you’re doing is walking through it? Try to utilise the space and use it well. Consider how you’d like to use the room and see if that helps.

4. Have A Clear Out

Create space in your home by getting rid of things that you simply no longer use. Be honest with yourself – if you haven’t used something for more than 6 months, you’re probably not going to. Sell it, give it to charity, or give it to somebody else who will use it. If it’s junk, find a way to recycle it.

5. Include Original Artwork

Buying generic artwork from homeware stores makes your home look just like everyone else’s. Have fun and see if you can find online artists whose style you like. You may be able to get them to commission something for you at a reasonable price, and you’ll have something nobody else has!

6. Show off Your Hobbies And Interests

Make your home personal to you by showing off your hobbies and interests. Don’t hide away your musical instruments, for example – hang them on the wall!

Got Something to Add?

What have you done to update your home’s appearance? Let us know in the comments section below.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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