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Every homeowner wants a house that looks and feels good. It’s all about getting the balance of style and homeliness just right. Of course, that’s easier said than done. A lot of trendy home design concepts look very cool but don’t have much of a cosy vibe to them.

However, you don’t simply have to jump on the latest trend in order to make your household look good. There are plenty of ways to achieve a stylish aesthetic by opting for timeless techniques. That’ll make your home look good in the long run, after all. Here’s how to start creating a stylish house that still feels homely.

Aim for cosy minimalism

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You need to aim for cost minimalism if you want to create a stylish house that still feels homely. That’s the best way to balance style and practicality. A minimal home looks good, but you obviously don’t want to strip back your home to the extent that it loses its personality.

The goal is to get rid of clutter. Throw out things you no longer want or need. You could even sell your old belongings at a yard sale to raise some money for the rest of your home renovation projects. Once you start getting rid of the things you no longer need, you’ll find that your household feels much more spacious.

When you’re left with the belongings you actually value, you’ll have a minimal household that still feels like home. You just have to improve your storage situation so that your house looks neater and more open. You might want to put up some shelves on walls so that you have additional storage space for your belongings.

You could even keep things under the staircase or under beds. You have to think outside the box to really keep the floor space open and inviting. It’ll make your household feel much homelier because you’ll have more room.

Create focal points

One of the best ways to create a stylish house that still feels homely is to create focal points. Minimalism is important, as discussed in the first point, but that doesn’t mean your household should be devoid of any design or character.

The key is to avoid a cluttered design; it’s not only impractical but it makes a house feel uncomfortable. You need to create very specific focal points. For example, a living room could come to life with a bold lighting fixture – perhaps even something such as a chandelier, depending on how bold you feel.

You might also want to make some paintings as a family and hang them on the walls to make rooms feel personalised. That’s a great way to create a stylish house that still feels homely.

Still, a focal point doesn’t have to be something loud and outlandish. It’s simply supposed to be something that draws the eye. Maybe you could simply create a two-tone wall, for instance. Using shelves as a cut-off point, you could paint the wall a different colour (three-quarters of the way up it) to create a stark contrast that really adds style and flavour to a room.

It’ll also make it feel more personal to your tastes and give the room some character. A bit of DIY always makes a house feel more like home. This is the perfect example of a way in which you could create a stylish house that still feels homely.

Add some creature comforts to every room

A house isn’t a home unless it has some creature comforts. Of course, you don’t want to make your household feel cosy at the expense of its overall design. If you overload a sofa with blankets and cushions then it no longer looks like a sofa anymore, for example. There’s a balance to be found.

You just need to add some creature comforts that double as stylish additions to a room. A well-designed rug is cosy and fashionable, for instance. You might even want to get a trendy footrest for the living room so that you have something which is a statement piece but also a comfy addition to your lounge area.

Of course, creature comforts can extend beyond throws and cosy rugs. A creature comfort is a practical addition to a home in the sense that it makes your life easier and more comfortable, but it can also be aesthetically pleasing. For instance, you wouldn’t just buy any old throw; you’d buy one with a colourful and stylish pattern. When you get creature comforts, you have to think about the design as well as the practical element.

Maybe you want to put your TV on the wall so that you improve its viewing position but you’re worried about the appearance of a wall mount. You could look at TV lifts. That would allow you to adjust the height of your TV from its stand and return it to its original height afterwards. If you want to create a stylish house that still feels homely then you have to make sure that you get the balance of design and practicality just right.

Use natural materials

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If you want to create a stylish house that still feels homely then you should definitely use natural materials. Earlier, we mentioned that there’s no need to follow the latest design trends if you want to make your home look good, and this is the perfect example of that. Nature doesn’t follow trends.

That’s why natural materials have been used in households for centuries without going out of fashion. If you want to make your household look good but give it that warm and inviting vibe then you should think of ways to incorporate nature into your home. Wooden flooring is always a good option; it’s always nice to have a traditional wooden dining table and chairs too.

Get some plants and flowers for rooms too. That’s as natural as it gets when it comes to home design. Not only will some nice floral arrangements add colour and bold design to each room but they’ll also help to remove toxins from the air. Your home will feel fresher and cosier as well as looking better.

The benefits of using natural materials really do seem to be endless. If you want to get the aesthetic and cosiness of your household just right then start thinking about ways in which you could use natural materials to improve every room in your home.

Fix up the front of your property

You also need to fix up the front of your property if you want to create a stylish house that still feels homely. This is the first thing you see when you get home. It should make a good first impression. Otherwise, what’s the point of fixing up your home’s interior design? Your house has to look stylish on the outside too.

It has to feel inviting as well. The small details go a long way in this regard. Repainting your front door could create a captivating entrance that really lifts the appearance of your property from the exterior. You might want to line the windowsills with some flowers and perhaps grow some shrubbery beneath them too.

Start thinking of how you could landscape your front lawn to improve it from a visual standpoint. In turn, you’ll start creating a stylish house that still feels homely.

Make your garden feel welcoming

Of course, you shouldn’t neglect the back of your property. If you want to create a stylish house that still feels homely then you have to fix up your garden so that it becomes a part of your abode. You need to make your garden feel welcoming.

And we’re talking about more than mowing the lawn or putting out some sun loungers during the summer so you can soak up some rays. We’re talking about designing your garden as if it was your outdoor lounge. That’s what it can become if you design it in a certain way.

It all starts with a little gardening. You should plant some flowers and perhaps even some trees so that you can breathe some life into this outdoor space. It’ll give your garden colour and create a vibrant area that you want to admire on a regular basis.

You need to think about the cosy aspect of your garden, of course. You’re trying to create a stylish space that still feels homely, after all. This all starts with the patio area. You should create an awning to keep you sheltered from the elements because we all know the weather can be unpredictable in this country.

You might want to create a cosy little dining area too. With a nice table and some cushioned chairs, you’ll have an area that you’ll want to use for BBQs or simply family meals on weeknights (when the weather warms up). The goal is to create a garden that you can use in the same way as you’d use your dining room or living room. That’s how you’ll know you’ve created a stylish garden which still feels homely.

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