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With the speed that fashion changes at, it can be hard to keep up with trends. While these used to be seasonal, they can often seem like they change monthly. As tricky as these can be to keep up-to-date with, it could also cost an arm and a leg. That isn’t the case with your fashion essentials.

Despite the ever-changing nature of style, your essentials will stick with you throughout the year. That doesn’t mean that all of them are made equally. Some of them can be worn year-round and will look great with any outfit.

Others won’t, however. Knowing what basics you should have throughout the year can help you better plan your wardrobe. At a minimum, you’ll know that you’ll have reliable outfits, regardless of the occasion.

Fashion Essentials You Must Have

Button-Up Shirt

Who doesn’t love a good button-up shirt? These come in a range of styles and colours, giving you a certain amount of versatility. These span more casual looks to something more business-formal, depending on what kind of style you go for.

Coupled with this is that they can be worn in a variety of ways, such as with your sleeves rolled up. That could give you a more relaxed look, especially if you’re in a more social setting. Choosing a short-sleeve button-up shirt could be a wise choice during the spring and summer months.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots have been a wardrobe staple for quite some time. Throughout this period, the shoes have continued to evolve, resulting in quite a few style options. They’ve even become popular as a men’s boot.

One of the key drivers behind this is how versatile they are. While you could be restricted by colour, you can wear them with virtually any outfit. Worn with a pair of jeans, they can create a relaxed look.

With a suit pants and in the right colour, however, ankle boots can look just as great in an office environment.

Jean Jacket

Layering is great for designing an outfit, especially during the autumn and winter months. A classic and enduring choice for this is a jean jacket, given the number of looks it can go with. The same can be said for men’s and women’s outfits, although men might be limited by the type of pants they’re wearing.

Double-denim can be a difficult look to pull off with men, so it could be worth using a different material for your pants. Jean jackets can also be used with playsuits, dresses, and much more.

Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

Jeans never go out of style. That doesn’t mean that you should pick any pair, however. Some will go much better with a larger range of outfits than others. That versatility is what should make them one of your fashion essentials. Dark wash skinny jeans could be one of the better recommended.

Depending on the fit, these can complement your figure while adding to your overall style. These can be worn with quite a few colors, although it could be worth going for warmer or brighter colours during the summer months. Doing something similar with your shoes will help add to this contrast.

How To Put Together An Outfit With Your Fashion Essentials

Some outfits come together naturally, while you’ll have to put effort into many others. Your fashion essentials could be one of the more difficult things to put together an outfit with. There’ll be a few obvious things that you can do with them.

Outside of that, you could find that it’s somewhat difficult to change things around. That’s the case regardless of whether you’ve got a men’s off-white shirt or dark skinny jeans. There are a few tips and tricks that you can use to come up with a few outfits, however.

As effective as these are with your fashion essentials, they can be used regardless of what outfit you’re putting together.

Shoes Should Be Function-First, Then Fashion

Your shoes should be the first thing you think about for your outfit. To pick these, however, you’ll need to know what kind of day you’ll be having. Will you be walking a lot? You’ll need something comfortable for that.

If you’ll be sitting down for most of the day, you could instead choose your shoes based on their style. Function should come first, as picking the wrong shoes can lead to a lot of discomfort. Choosing high heels for a day of walking, for example, wouldn’t be recommended.

Once you’ve chosen what shoes you’ll wear, you can choose a pants that compliments them.

Take It From The Top Layer

Once you have your shoes sorted, it’s time to look at everything else. When you’re trying to put together an outfit, you might try to envision the entire thing. That could make things more difficult. You should break things down into more manageable areas.

Starting with your top layer could be recommended. Knowing what the weather will be for the day can help with this, as you can figure out if you’ll need a cardigan or jacket. When you’re picking your top layer, you should ask yourself a few questions.

  • Will you be taking your jacket or cardigan off during the day?
  • What vibe do you want to create?
  • Will it be a team player for your outfit or the VIP?

Once you’ve answered these, you can move on to other areas. You can then use your outer layer to determine what these inner layers will be.

Wrapping Up On Your Fashion Essentials

Once you’ve gotten your fashion essentials, you should feel free to experiment. Using what you have as a foundation, you can start building your individual style. Picking up on new trends can be a part of that, so you can mix and match different looks to create your own.

Your wardrobe staples will be the supporting act to the pieces that you pick up throughout the year. Adding a few star-studded pieces each season will keep your look fashion-forward without you needing to break the bank.

Got Something to Add?

Let us know your fashion essentials in the comments section below.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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