4 Tips When Planning a Family Holiday

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Going away with your family on a trip is the perfect way to spend quality time together and get a break from your daily responsibilities. It may be the first trip you’ve ever planned or maybe it’s that you want to make this adventure even better than the last.

In this case, it’s wise to review some advice for planning a family trip and ensuring a good time is had by all. Most importantly, find ways to make it memorable, and be sure to take a lot of pictures that you can cherish forever.

Decide Where to go

Your first step when planning a family trip is deciding where to go. Take into account your budget and that you’ll be with kids. Make a bucket list of places you want to visit and have never been before.

If England is on your list then dig deeper and research things like the best cities to visit in England and which may be most suitable for you and your family before reserving any travel.

If you’re planning a trip around Ireland for example, then Discover Ireland have some great routes and itineraries to explore.

Book Excursions & Activities

Another piece of advice when planning a family trip is to make sure you book excursions and activities. You’ll want to fill your days and have plenty of things to do to keep the kids happy and entertained. Consider their ages and your interests and what may be the most fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Think about making reservations and booking a spot in advance so that you’re all set once you arrive at your destination. Take into account your budget and what local attractions may be the most popular.

Read Reviews

Planning a family trip can be challenging and a lot of work, especially if you’re heading to a new location and destination. In this case, it’ll be useful and helpful to hop online and read reviews from other travellers.

You’ll want to know what they recommend you do and what you should avoid or isn’t worth your time and money. Read them in detail so you can get a better feel for the overall consensus on a topic. Reviews will help you not only with knowing what activities to do but also where to stay and what to eat.

Make Safety & Health A Priority

When travelling with your family, you should always make the safety and health of your loved ones a priority. This includes leaving your valuables at home, not walking alone at night, and reporting any suspicious activity. Also, be extra cautious with your kids if you’re spending time in a pool or near the water.

Know where to go or who to call in the case of an emergency as well. Make your health a priority by washing your hands, getting plenty of sleep each night, and eating nutritious meals and snacks so that you feel energized and not sluggish as you travel around.


This advice will help you plan an enjoyable and fun-filled family getaway. Your trip will be less stressful and more pleasurable when you plan ahead and think through these sorts of details before you depart. Be sure to relax and enjoy your loved ones once you arrive because it’s not every day you get this opportunity to take a trip together. 

Got Something to Add?

Share your top tips for planning a family holiday with us in the comments section below.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

Helen, Nial & Lewis.


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