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Our wedding day will always be one of the most exciting and happy days of our lives. It is a day when we are able to get together with the people we love and enjoy a fun day, great food and amazing company.

Gathering together all of the elements which make a wedding so special is important and one of the biggest areas of concern is guests, and with this, wedding entertainment.

When it comes to the reception on your wedding day, there will be food, drink, dancing and a lot of partying… but what else can you bring to the day to make it special? Today we are taking a look at some of the things you can do to entertain your guests at a wedding.

The Band

One of the most popular things to add to the night of the wedding for an element of fun is a band. If you don’t want to have a DJ for the whole of the night, choosing a band such as The Nooks, Discobeard or Hipster can be a great way to add a personal touch to the wedding and make it feel more classy and elegant.

A band can bring people together and make your venue feel more alive, and you can choose from many different music styles. We opted for an acoustic session from Discobeard at our own wedding during the day, with a DJ covering the musical tastes of younger guests later in the night.


What better way to wrap up a magical day with the love of your life than to watch a magical fireworks show with them and your family and friends. A fireworks display is a good way to make your wedding truly feel like a spectacle of a thing and it can be an amazing way to end the most wonderful day of your life.

This is something you will need to organise with your wedding venue as it isn’t something you’ll want to be doing too late at night. If you aren’t able to use fireworks consider sparklers or something quieter for guests.


If you are having a summer wedding or a wedding in an outdoor venue, you could create a cute campfire scene in the evening where your family and friends can cuddle up in front of the fire, sing songs and cook s’mores.

Regardless of the age of your guests, gathering them around a small fire to melt their own s’mores is sure to be a hit!


We’re big karaoke fans here at Pikalily and it can be a great way to kill an hour or two at a wedding – especially the period in between the meal and evening music. Once the drink is flowing, you’ll have no shortage of budding singers, and this can provide some welcome entertainment following the meal.

A great way to get guests engaging and mixing among each other, and a sure fire way to start to get people on the dance floor.

Photo Booth

Who doesn’t love a good photo or two? While this isn’t something we had at our own wedding, we’ve been to several weddings with photo booths and they are a blast. The supporting props only enhance the experience for friends and family, ensuring plenty of laughs.

If you fancy keeping lots of funny memories of your family and friends, a photobooth can be a great addition to your wedding venue. Throughout the night groups of family and friends can head in there to take photos and use props to make some fun images for you to keep forever more!

Being able to treasure candid moments is amazing and it will be the ideal way to end your day.

Got Something to Add?

Have you been to a wedding recently where something really stood out in terms of entertainment for guests? Let us know your favourites in the comments section below.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

Helen, Nial and Lewis.


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