Tips to Adding a Fence to Your Garden

A fence is something we can want to add to our garden for several reasons. Perhaps you want some privacy from neighbours. Or maybe you are looking for ways to enhance the visual appeal of your garden. For us, it’s more the visual route and to close our garden in.

Plus, we live next door to family so we can’t go down the privacy route as we would risk upsetting them 🙂 Below, we discuss some of the benefits of having a fence on your property.

Benefits to Fitting a Fence to Your Garden

Of course, one of the main reasons for investing in fencing is for added privacy. If your garden joins onto the garden of your neighbour, you may not like the thought of them being able to see you every time you sit outside.

Also, if you have pets, a fence can be beneficial, as it means they won’t escape. Not only can a fence stop pets from getting out, but it can deter thieves from getting in as well. For us, a fence ensures both Lewis and Bailey (the family pet) can run about the garden without us worrying about whether or not they will venture out on to the road.

Perhaps your garden is a bit of an eyesore and you need a it more time to sort it out! A fence can be a good first step and it can hide away the mess in your garden for a short period, giving you the time you need to address the clutter. Don’t put it off forever though otherwise your garden will become a jungle that you simply won’t spend time in.

A fence can also enhance the look of your garden. A stylish fence can add plenty of style to an outdoor area, which can in turn increase the value of your property while also deftly increasing perceived living space. It is not hard to see why so many people look for home fencing contractors for this type of service. It can add so much value to your home in different ways.

How To Choose The Perfect Fence

Fencing comes in many different colours, designs, and types. This can make it difficult to choose the perfect fence for your home. But, don’t worry, as we are here to help.

Aluminium fence

One of the most popular types of fencing is aluminium fencing. This is because of its attractive appearance, and it is also low maintenance, meaning you do not need to worry about spending a lot of time or money on looking after your fence.

Wooden fence

Wood is another type of fence that is popular with homeowners. Many people opt for this type of fence because they like the homely and warm feeling it provides. You will struggle to replicate such a style of fence with any other material. Moreover, you won’t need to break the bank when going for this option.

Wrought iron fence

Another solution to consider is wrought iron fences, which are beautiful and strong. They can help to create a sense of security, yet you do need to make sure you maintain them. They can cost a bit more, but most people would agree that it is money well spent.

PVC fence

Last but not least, the cheapest option is PVC. They may not be as sturdy as other options, but if you want a cheap solution that serves its purpose, you can’t go too wrong. Just make sure you choose a quality professional!

Got Something to Add?

Have you added a fence to your garden recently? We’d love to hear about the benefits it has brought to your garden. Let us know by commenting below.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

Helen, Nial and Lewis.


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