6 Family Friendly Activities To Enjoy This Autumn

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There are just a few days left of summer, but this does not mean that there are no occasions left to enjoy a special time with your whole family. Naturally, beach days might be out of the question, especially as the temperatures have started to drop and the days have become shorter.

However, instead of fighting back the end of the sunny season, you should start looking into the wonderful activities that you can enjoy with your whole family – yes, in autumn! Here are just a few of the best activities to enjoy in the next few weeks and beyond.

Go Camping

Summer might almost be over, but there is still plenty of time for a family holiday or for a weekend away with your little ones. Naturally, since the start of the pandemic, long-haul flights and far-away destinations have been off-limits.

However, you can make the most of your surroundings by embarking on a road trip and camping experience. There are plenty of campsites around the country that are family-friendly and located in beautiful settings. Start packing today!

Go Walking or Hiking

Walking and hiking are all-around beneficial activities. Whether you are enjoying a day out at the local park or you have the chance to visit a nearby forest or woodland, hikes or walks can be extremely beneficial for your little ones.

Indeed, these activities allow them to strengthen their connection with nature, fall in love with the outdoors, and enhance muscle growth. Start planning your trip today!

Organise a Picnic

Picnics are perfect during the summer months but, with the right choice of clothing and foods, you can make the most of tepid autumn days too! Of course, to make the most of these, you should get started earlier during the day and account for the shorter daylight time.

Be ready with blankets and games to keep everyone entertained, warm, and happy!

Enjoy a Movie Night

A movie night is every kid’s dream! And there is more than one way to enjoy it. For example, you should consider organising an outdoor movie night – for this, make sure you are selecting a dry night and you have set up your outdoor area with plenty of blankets and pillows.

Or, if the outside is too cold, you can turn your living room into the perfect cinema. Just make sure to have plenty of popcorn and an exciting movie at hand!

Visit a Farm or Animal Sanctuary

Modern Parenting Tips - Pikalily Blog

Zoos and aquariums are not so great for the animal kingdom and the environment, and it might be educational for children to see animals in cages.

Yet, it is important for them to develop a sensitivity towards the importance of the animal world and the environment. That is why visiting a farm or animal sanctuary can be extremely beneficial.

Practise Sports Together

Practising sports together can help you strengthen your family bond and become more trustworthy of each other. All you need to enjoy this activity throughout the autumn month is a ping-pong table, a yoga mat, or a home basketball court.

We also enjoy playing football or badminton in the garden, and if you’re really adventurous you could create a kids friendly Ninja Warrior assault course to get all the family involved.

Got Something to Add?

What activities do you look forward to enjoying as a family as autumn draws near? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

Helen, Nial and Lewis.


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